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Nov 7, 2007
HI there
I came across this site when I was typing in symptoms I have been having, so I am new to this. I am trying to figure out what is goign on with me. Basically for the last year and a half I feel like the area around my joints is disintegrating. It began in in my shoulders and the a year ago I began cracking noises from my neck to my toes. This has progressed to the point where now I crack my wrists knees hips ankles basically all joints on demand. They also do this involutarily 24/7 all day and all night. It is quite loud and quite dramatic. There is no pain involved except for discomfort when I press in on my arm hip or leg at certain points - even sleeping on my side has become a problem as well as on my back. I do feel sensations, tingling however and feel a major wasting - the evidence is there my body sounds old and decripid - I am 31. I have difficulty holding pots of tea for example for fear my wrist would break.. sitting is also a problem I feel like I have two big lumps in my buttocks that i need to move aside in order to sit comfortably...

I have been to a rheumatologist who basically just said it wasn't arthritis. On the occassions I have been to the GP/doctor he has prescribed me steroids, anti inflammatories and anti-depressants.. thinking these might work - Of course none have and now after much pressure I am in procees of seeing another rheumatologist, although I am not convinced this is the right path. I am now quite preoccupied and have not slept properly in a year and a half

It has got to the stage now where I am worried as I am thinkign it oculd be soemthing neurological.

I am 31, I had testicular cancer last year, it was caught early but I also had chemotherapy. While my problem had begun 5 months earlier with discomfort and wasting in shoulders it is about a month after the chemo that it took off over my whole body and has gotten progressively worse since. I now freak out anyone that is in close company.

Why I came across this site is because people mentioned about cracking joints all over. While I do have this and they are not secondary to anything else, like major weight or muscle loss, I am wondering do I have ALS/MND. Does anyone recognise what this might be.

I have read some posts and certainly trying to get satisfaction, answers or action from Doctors seems like such a struggle for people who surely could be putting their energies to better use at times like this.

Thanks in advance for any advice or guidance

Hello Padraig. Welcome to the site but sorry you are having trouble. Cracking joints is not a common symptom of ALS or MND as you call it over there. There are quite a few other MND's though but just as a guess not being a doctor I think you should be seeking the advice of an Orthopedic Specialist. Even with the muscle wasting in your shoulders the joint thing is probably bone related.
cracklin joints

I am not diagnosed with als but am in the process of finding out why I have muscle wasting, twitching, weakness. One of the first things I noticed was my joints started to pop and click, when I stepped on my foot, moved my hand etc, but within weeks my calves were cramping, my muscles were tiring quickly and I was twitching. So if your not having these types of symptoms just keep an eye open for any new ones that concern you
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