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Aug 2, 2007
St. John's
My fasciculations are concentrated more heavily in my left side, which is both my non- dominant side AND my weaker side. I haven't noticed my left side getting any weaker BUT the fascics have gotten considerably worse. Also, my left calf has that 'vibrating' sensation a lot of ALS and PLS patients describe. This 'vibrating' symptom has developed since my last post.

Also, I've have symptoms consistent with "restless legs syndrome", a diagnosis marked by electrical "ants in the legs" type feelings occurring while the legs are at reast. I've been experiencing this for the past few days, in both legs in equal ammounts.

I think the left leg atrophy I was referring to before is actually just excessive muscle development in the right leg, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

Also, my walk is a little bit awkward. I don't have drop foot, but I seem to put more weight on my right leg than my left one when I walk.

No bulbar symptoms yet, and no messed up reflexes, but the rapid rate at which the fascics have progressed (and developed into this "restless legs" thing) leads me to thing that I have some sort of progressive disorder that'll only get worse over time, if not ALS then maybe something that's lower- motor- neuron specific.

Also, on my right hand, I can bend my index finger up without moving my mindle finger, but on my left hand I have to move my middle finger to bend my ring finger.
You need to get to an ALS Clinic. It could be benign or not. You won't know til you are tested. So don't freak yourself out. Make an appointment now.
That restless leg is not ALS Try klonapin and your legs will feel better the finger thing is really nothing and your walking with more weigh on it sounds like you are getting yourself crasy .You dont have ALS I would ask about your restless leg and get that treated A easy fix, Take care Pat
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