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Feb 27, 2007
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St. Louis
Hello everyone. I hope you can help me. I'm a 36 y/o female, nurse, mother of three. I have had 15 months of neuro symptoms but no diagnosis yet. Wondering if anyone else had similiar symptoms. I started with headaches occuring throughout the day, forehead and temples and numbness/tingling in arms. They would go to sleep easily if I lie on my side. also shoulder pains. no loss of strength. Then began having feeling of pressure on my throat, pushing feeling and difficulty swallowing solids. feels as if my left side of throat doesnt work as well, the pressure thing comes and goes. now I have occasional slurred speech, just a word here and there, and fasciculations everywhere. I have a 'dent' in my left chin that is new as well as dents in both upper arms right above elbows. hands are clumsy. on neuro exam my reflexes are brisk, have jaw jerk and hoffmans sign and I fall to the left when they do romberg test. my left upper leg and right upper arm feel weak and heavy. I had EMG on L arm when was numb and it was negative (3 months ago), had a facial EMG also 2 months ago, negative but wasnt having fasciculations then. Having an EMG with neuromuscular doc on friday. They also found a 'benign' tumor in my hypothalmus and unknown lesion on T11 in my spine. Has anyone else started with headaches and numbness, tingling? pressure on throat? Thanks so much for any advice.
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