Symptoms have intensified.

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Aug 1, 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for letting me ask my question. I'm 50 M.

About 4 weeks ago, I had a flood of stressors in my life. My ex said she started a new relationship, and she did not want to talk at all anymore; we remained close for a year after we broke up., I lost a decent amount of money on foolish stock speculation. I also am stuck in a job I do not like and feel bad about constantly. About 2 months earlier I began to have a strong, constant twitch in my upper right arm. I have always had light cramps and twitching off and on. About 12 years ago I had an injury to the disks in my lumbar region.This led to burning pain, numbness, twitches and a slight electric shock feeling in my legs and feet from time-to-time. My neurologist ran several tests and said it wasn't that bad, and it got much better as time went on.

Exercise has become a way for me to clear my mind. After being sick after Thanksgiving, and not being able to exercise for a few weeks, I worked out my arms pretty hard. I began to not feel normal in my upper arm and right shoulder; it would feel heavy, tired and sore. It didn't feel better, and I had a few twitches in the area. I continued to exercise, and it got extremely sore and weak . It would burn and hurt my elbow, forearm and hand sometimes when I use it. I also started to get many more spasms and twitches in my arms and then the same place on my other arm. They sometimes come in tandome. I would have slight jerking motions in my arms, and electro shock feelings in my hands. I now have twitches on my neck, forehead and face.

I went to see my doctor and he felt it was pulled muscles and depression/anxiety. He prescribed a antidepressant that I have taken a few times before and an antiinflammatory and Valium. I have ADHD and I discovered Valium has the reverse effect on me. My twitches have exploded in my legs and feet; they are constant while I sit or lay down. I did not sleep for a few days, and I checked myself into a mental health facility. There my arm was throbbing, and the spasms were out of control. Also, at a place like that the patients are all in a big room with the staff making it hard to sleep. After one day, The psychiatrist released me, and gave me an anxiety medication that also helps with sleeping. I still have all the spasms, twitches, and little body jerks/jolts but I can sleep a little bit.

I made an Appt. with a neurologist before I went to the hospital, and I saw his PA-C last Wednesday. Shet did some strength and reflex tests and said they were normal. See told me it was not a nervous system disorder, and caused by the antidepressant and anxiety. She said it would make me more calm, she would send me for an EMG on my legs. It might be a while before I get the test. I continue to have quick twitches in my arms and shoulders and basicle all over. My legs and feet have not let up at all. Does all of this sound like it could be anything serious?

Thank you all.

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Hi there-

So sorry you've found yourself here again. It really sounds like you've received answers already- from someone trained and who knows what they're talking about. The EMG is not for diagnostic purposes but to to prove to you what you've already been told by a couple different medical professionals.

Based on your last thread, it seems as though you've a pattern of physical response directly related to stress. It sounds like you are receiving appropriate treatment already but would definitely benefit from some extra support for your anxiety beyond meds and an EMG. It's likely time to find someone qualified to help you find some tools to deal with stressors and to provide a trained ear to bounce your worries off of.

Please take care of yourself
Truly Jason, I'm sorry you are here again and have so much going on. I can't see a single new thing that would suggest ALS, not one.
I hope you find peace soon.
Thank you both for taking the time to answer my concerns. I really do appreciate it.

Be well,

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