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Jan 3, 2019
Learn about ALS

My heart goes out to anyone with this horrifying disease. Nobody deserves it.

I have read the sticky in this forum and have been unsure wether I should post, but my anxiety about this disease is severe. I figure I should seek the advice of people who actually have this disease and maybe put my fears to rest.

I'm 25 male with no familial history of ALS. No noteworthy medical history. No allergies. I have had a constellation of symptoms most of which I won't list because they are likely a result of anxiety rather than anything else (they include muscle twitches all over my body for about 4 weeks, mostly legs).

I have symptoms in my throat and left upper arm:

5 days ago I developed a feeling of tightness/constriction in my throat. I also have a lump sensation. I also feel like I have swallowing problems. I don't cough, gag or choke on my food, but it feels as if there's less space for the food to go down and I think I might be taking longer to eat my food. I also get the sensation that a little bit of food get stuck at the top of my throat. There is no pain/soreness involved in any of this.

I went to a doctor for this and was examined with:

• Visual inspection of the mouth while saying "AAAAAA", nothing found
• ENT Did a quick examination down my esophageus with a scope while saying "HEEEEEE" (to look down past my vocal cords)
• X-ray of my throat with a fluid/paste i had to swallow. Had trouble doing the swallowing but the doctor noted on the images it all went down.

I told the doctor I was worried about ALS, and he told me he didn't think I have it because I "didn't have any other symptoms". He had treated ALS-patients before. He told me it was stress/anxiety globus and prescribed me anxiety medication. The medication is acute and helps with the anxiety, but my throat remains the same.

After the visit to the doctor, I have noticed my mucus is also thicker and foamy. The throat and mouth feels dry. I'm not dehydrated as my urine is clear white/light yellow. White mucus also accumulates in the back of the throat that I have to clear and spit out. I have no runny nose or other sinus issues.

Are these symptoms consistent with early bulbar?

Left arm
Also after the doctors visit (day after) I noticed my left bicep was feeling slightly sore for no reason. I was scared and went into the gym and picked up the heaviest dumbell I could curl with my right arm. I tried curling it with my left and then alternated between arms. I could lift it 3 times with my right arm but only 2.5 times with my left. My left bicep/shoulder was immediately sore and painful, and it remained that way for the rest of the day, while my right arm felt fine.

Is this consistent with early ALS?

Additional question about reflexes
3 weeks ago I was given a neuro exam by my GP. Checked reflexes, strength and balance. (including tongue) Noted nothing. Would abnormal reflexes show up very early in the disease?


Mar 16, 2015
Have a read again very carefully and line up your reported sensory concerns to what is written here about signs of ALS:

Nothing you have posted fits into the constellation of symptoms that cause a doctor to be suspicious of MND. And, yes, abnormal reflexes indicate neurological issues. The fact you do not have abnormal reflexes indicates you do not have anything neurological to worry about.
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