Symposium Toronto June 2.

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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
Is anyone on the forum going to the ALS Symposium at Sunnybrook on June 2?
Gotta be in Montreal Al, My daughter is graduating on the 1st. Back from Italy with the professor on the 30th.

Hi Al:

Yes, I am going on June 2nd with Gail's Mom and Aunt. Tim, Gail and the kids will be sunning and swimming in the Dominican that week.
Are you going Al? Have you been to one of these before? Are we allowed to cry? :?:
I am afraid that it could get emotional, but am not sure. I think I will be okay,(at least I hope so) but I am wondering about Gail's Mom. It seems like it will be very informative and all the people associated with the Clinic will be there.

Barb :)
Hello Al

I just got off the phone with Barb and I will be attendng with my sister. I was diagnosed last wk at St, Mike's and my appt with Sunnybrook ALS is on May 30th. Hope to see you there as you give so much inspiration to others!
Hi guys,
To Barb, Suemar and Al - The symposium sounds great. Those of us that live in the boondocks and do not have access to this kind of thing will be hoping that you will find lots of good information that you can share with us after the symposium. I know I would much appreciate anything new, interesting or helpful that you might pass along.
Wish it was closer!
Yes wife Lee and I will be attending. I'll be the good looking chubby bald guy. Yes you are allowed to cry. I was there 2 years ago and there was a lady giving a speech the day after she had buried her husband. They were both supposed to be there giving a talk about living with ALS. Unfortunately fate intervened and she decided that he would have wanted her to carry on so she did. There were quite a few tears but a lot of joy. It is not all doom and gloom during the day. The exibits from different companies showing equipment that is available are good as well. I look forward to meeting all our faceless members.
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will look forward to it

Hey Al:

I will look for you, but you will probably be surrounded by so many women, I won't even stand a chance at getting close.:twisted:

Sue, I will look forward to meeting you in person as well. Thanks for the phone conversation today. It was great talking to you.

Leah, Gail has asked me to take notes, and I (almost) always do what I am told ha ha. I am sure there will be lots of information to digest.

Barbie :)
This symposium sounds awesome, but it's sort of a long haul up there from Minnesota! If there's any information on voice banking can you try to pass that my way? Also, we'll be doing a bathroom renovation at my sister's house this summer...adding an accessible shower and things...if there's any info on how to best configure the shower and things, that would be great!

I need to see if there's something closer to me like that that I can go to!

Good news, though! I did some more digging and I'm setting up a group of walkers for a September 20th walk in Minneapolis, MN! I'm excited about the whole thing!

Gotta run! Have a good weekend, everyone! :)

Hi Marcia. I have some information on voice banking from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. If you want I can copy it and mail it to you. You can either send a private message with your address or send an email to [email protected] . It's about 14 pages of words and phrases of things that they have found useful for most people with an instruction page telling of 3 different ways to do it.
Yes ,my wife and I will be there as well........AL word has it your bringing wine!:-D
Wonder if they'd get upset at Sunnybrook if I did? Might have to wait for another occasion. Don't want to get banned from the hospital. LOL.
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