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Aug 5, 2022
Hello, my arms and hands are pretty weak, my right hand more so than my left. My right hand fingers are noticeably more swollen, and when I bend them they feel tight because they're so swollen. I am on the computer a lot and I was thinking that they're swollen simply because they're being overused because I use my right hand to move my mouse around and click. In any event does anyone have any advice on swollen fingers, and how to bring down the swelling . Should I try to massage them or soak them or something? Thanks
There are many many issues/conditions that cause swollen fingers - from salt to medications to fluid retention. You may want to reach out to your primary care provider since it is a common issue, but with complex causes.
My Pals had swelling of hands from non-use instead of over use. The NP gave him lasix, a diuretic to use as needed. If used too often you need watch your potassium level or maybe take extra potassium. This worked pretty well. I was a little surprised at how effective it was.
Another thing to try is asking your CALS to gently massage the fluid away from the ends of the fingers, going one direction, up from the point of swelling. It is most effective for them to use their fingers on both sides of your fingers, like moving toothpaste up the tube when it's running low.
Thanks for the advice. I got a call from my ALS therapist yesterday. I discussed my swollen fingers. He said what it is is that the weak muscles can't push back the fluid as easy as they used to. He said to raise your hand and the elbow above your heart and that would move the fluid more quickly back out of your fingers and reduce the swelling. So far I think that's helping a bit.
Yes, good reminder for those in a regular chair or wheelchair, and if you are using the computer a lot, check out arm supports that you can angle to reduce the fluid, e.g. ErgoRest.
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