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Oct 13, 2004
After serious waffling and flip-flopping, Fidel Castro, the 74-year-old Cuban President from South Havana, Cuba, finally made up his mind, going back on his word and using his swing vote to eliminate Al Petit, the 55-year-old Fire Chief from Brampton, Ontario. After telling both Sheila Copps, the 51-year-old ex-MP from Hamilton, Ontario, and Al that he wasn't going to write down their names, Fidel had to make a decision about which person he was going to deceive. It turned out to be Al, who was sent packing in a three-to-two decision.
Shortly after the fateful decision, Al remarked, "Little bit of surprise. Fidel was my drinkin' buddy today, and he told me a hundred percent that he was going to vote for Sheila. I don't know if he changed his thong at the minute. I'm curious."
After returning from Tribal Council in which Charo, the 60-year-old Coochee Coochee Dancer from The Carol Burnett Show, brought up Sheila's drunken promise that she had made to pay her son's bar tab, Sheila made it clear that she was furious at being constantly reminded of the deception. As Sheila barked at the group, "You just keep rubbing salt on the edge of the glass, Now my margarita is too salty! The only thing I want to worry about is...Do we have enough Tequila till I hafta go home. I'm tired of hearing about it, period!"
Knowing he was on the chopping block, Al took a chance to exploit the rift between Charo and Sheila in order to stay in the game. After Al lobbied Charo to keep her in the tribe and vote out Sheila, Charo made it known that she would consider it if Fidel was on board. "Sometimes when it's in your best interest to abandon an alliance, you have to do that to get yourself further in the game," noted Charo. Knowing her fate was clearly in Fidel' hands, Al just needed to find the right time to push his agenda on him.
As the tribe convened for the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst revealed that this Challenge involved redemption, because the Cuban Castaways get a second chance to compete in specific events. First, all five players must participate in the pub crawl, with the first four finishers advancing to the next round. The second round is a reprisal of the Bay of Pigs Challenge, in which the Survivors must catch a muddy pig and place it in the Bay of Pigs; the first three to do so move on. The third round involves a large Rubik's Cube puzzle, eliminating one more. The final round is a race through a standard Sobriety Test, followed by a Tequila shooting task. The first to shoot back three (5oz) Tequilas would be the winner. The overnight Reward: a horseback trek to a "Clothing Optional" beach in Vero Dero, complete with a picnic of cigars, Pina Coladas and beer.
The Challenge got off to a drunkin start as all five Castaways got on their knees and raced through the pub crawl. Having trouble with the alchoholic nature of the Challenge, Tammy Faye Baker, the 59-year-old preacher's wife from a trailer park in Mississippi, simply couldn't keep up and was eliminated.
The four remaining Survivors next went after pigs in the Bay of Pigs;. Having trouble getting a pig the first time around, Charo developed a case of déjà-vu as she once again could not grasp the muddy pig in time to avoid losing.
The final three then took to the Rubik's Cube puzzle. Working diligently, Fidel finished his puzzle first, but overlooked a piece on the ground. This fatal mistake caused Fidel to start over, which cost him the Challenge.
After three rounds, Al and Sheila got on their marks in order to secure the Reward. After quickly failing the Sobriety Test, Al jumped out to a lead. Closing in on Al, Sheila fell hard and hurt herself as Al picked up the Tequila shot and took aim. Methodically sucking back all three tequilas in a row, Al finally threw up and smiled as he won the Reward.

...And in a strategic move, Al chose Fidel as his "Clothing Optional" beach companion in hopes of using the time to convince him to break the Reform/PC Party alliance.
After a scenic horseback trek, Al and Fidel were thrilled to find a hut filled with cigars, Pina Coladas and beer waiting for them. While enjoying the feast, Al explained to Fidel that Charo had put the decision about whether or not they were going to break away from Sheila and Tammy Faye in his hands.
Fidel speculated about why Al had chosen him, saying, "It didn't surprise me that he picked me. He wants to go further in the game, and he knows his name's coming up for elimination."
Thirsty back at camp, Charo wanted to drink Cuba Libras, but didn't know where Sheila had hidden the limes. Rationing for later, Sheila refused to tell Charo their whereabouts, which caused an argument. Tammy Faye teamed up with Sheila, alienating Charo to the point of frustration. "It's just gotten to a point where we cannot hold back anymore," Charo complained. "Especially Sheila. She's just so childish and drunk."
After a night of witnessing nature's fireworks in the form of mating Sealions, Fidel and Al returned to camp. Immediately upon his return, Fidel needed to reassure Tammy Faye and Sheila that their alliance was still intact. Angry with Sheila, Charo pulled Fidel aside in another effort to convince him to recruit Al into their pact and vote out Sheila. "I don't trust Tammy Faye, I don't trust Sheila, I don't trust Charo and I don't trust Al. And they don't trust each other. And the most screwed up thing about it is, I think they all trust me." marveled Fidel.
When the tribe converged for the Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that this competition involved memory and speed. Jeff will tell the Cuban Survivors a story about Jean Chretien, a legendary Liberal chief. After the story, the players must race to a series of different stations, where they must answer questions about the story. For every correct answer, they receive a sponsorship cheque to deposit to their accounts in the Cayman Islands. The first player to deposit all cheques to their account and avoid prosecution from the Auditor General wins Immunity.
After Jeff finished the story, the Survivors rushed to their first station. As the race went on, most of the Survivors had no trouble answering the questions correctly; it was more an issue of speed and puzzle assembly. With Tammy Faye and Sheila trailing, Al and Charo found themselves deadlocked in a tie with four cheques each.
After Charo answered a question concerning why the men of the Liberal Party run for Prime Minister before (actually) calling an election, she ran her fifth cheque to the bank and claimed her first Immunity.
After returning to camp from the Challenge, Fidel found himself in a power position. Fidel could either band with Charo and Al to vote out Sheila, or stay with his Sheila-Tammy Faye alliance to vote out Al. After painful deliberation, Fidel made his decision. Further confusing the matter, he told both Sheila and Al that he had decided to vote the other off. "Fidel approaches me and says he's going to straight up vote for Sheila," Al mused. "I hope he keeps me around; that's all I can do,"
In the end, Al's hopes dissolved as Fidel went back on his word and wrote down his name. With the three-to-two decision, Al became fourteenth voted out of SURVIVOR: CUBA. He will be the fifth Survivor to serve on the Jury that will ultimately decide who wins the title Sole Survivor and takes home the "Be a Dictator of a small Caribbean Nation" prize.
Be sure to tune in this Sunday, December 19 at 8PM ET/PT for the exciting two-hour season finale, followed by the SURVIVOR: CUBA, ISLAND OF RUM REUNION at 10PM ET/PT, only on CBC.
There are no words in this world to reply to that scenerio, all I have to say is BRAVO, you deserve a Golden Globe nomination.
That was brilliant, I have't laughed this hard for so long.
Thank you , thank you thank you...don't forget to remind Al to read it...he'll wet him self!
That was soooooooo funny...having watched the entire 3 hours of Suvivor on Sunday (needed to do nothing...) you really did a great job. You're a talented fellow.

can't wait to read Al's comments when he comes back :mrgreen:
I agree, Mike you surpassed yourself on that one, and the "celebrities" you brought in..Charo...perfect.....I think you better give Lee a heads up, cuz she may think he is having a post reaction to Cuban cigars and drinks at the bar once he reads this. He will be elated.
Oh My God,

That was brilliant Mike.! You don't deserve the Golden Globes, (or maybe you want them ) ha... You my dear man deserve an Emmy, or even an Oscar. Oh hell, if we put this to music, we'll give you a Grammy too ! Funny, funny, funny, I needed a good laugh, at someone elses words, that was great. Keep us smilin.... Can't wait to hear Al's comments when he gets home. I would love to see his face as he reads that. Have a good night, I sure will now. !

Me too, maybe I should email him that he cannot go on the site until further notice...they must come back what, Friday or Saturday, by the time he is up and running from his computer problems, I could stop byon Sunday, he is blocks away from me and watch his reaction...
My God and I thought I was the only one that didn't have a life. Think Mike's been drinking too much of that Fat Bastard. Brilliant is an understatement. Laffed my a_ _ off. I knew Mike was a little off the wall but I had no idea just how far he was.

Got in about 2 hours late early sat. 2am.The plane was held up in Toronto so they gave us free drinks but I didn't feel like more than 1 wine. Such a waste. Other than being tired we had a great trip. And just for the information of wheelchair bound buddies the hotel we were at is pretty good in the access dept. There was a lady there with severe arthritis in a power chair and I talked to her and she said the hotel was great and Skyservice was great about taking all her equipment. The hotel is Sierra Mar in Santiago de Cuba, in the Conquest tour book.
Drank my share of Banana mama's banana dacquiri's and pina colada's. Didn't fall down once so I must not have drank that much.Food was pretty good by Cuban standards. I didn't gain or lose any weight and Lee isn't saying. Lee got to scuba dive 3 days.I don't think that would be good for me unless it was a planned drowning and I'm not ready for that yet, so I have retired from diving. We got to town on Tues to arrange the pig roast.

On Thurs. we went to town and had the pig roast. We have a friend whose parents live by the harbour and have a big yard that is perfect for a pig roast. We provide all the food and drink and there was about 30-40 people that showed up. Our friends that travel with us split the cost and we met new people that wanted to come and they helped defray the cost of the van to transport everyone to the city

Weather was great 27-31 everyday and only 3 short showers. Didn't get to smoke a cigar but might get one of the ones I brought back the son-in-law. Maybe for Christmas after dinner.
Had some breathing problems and leg cramps a couple of nights so slept crappy. Hope this isn't boring everyone but I have never seen as much interest in my trips to Cuba. Guess a lot can't travel.
I guess I better not tell everyone about going to Florida for a month in Feb. if I'm ok to go. Don't want to jinx myself. I took some pictures so when I download them to Yahoo I'll post them on the website for anyone that wants to have a look. Guess that's enough for now. Missed you all. Good to be back. Oh and by the way Mike thanks for the promotion to Chief. Wish I was getting his pension instead of my Captain's one.
Hi Al,

Good to hear from you sweetie, glad to hear that you had a good trip! Weather sounds like it was great, good for you. Can't wait to go somewhere warm myself. I am way overdue for a trip. Glad to hear that you and Lee relaxed and enjoyed your time. Can you believe Mike? What a guy. I thought that I had a good imagination, wow... I knew that you would get a kick out of it. Any way, welcome home, and we will talk soon.

Night Chief......

Love, Carol
Hello everyone!
Al, your trip sounds like a dream, so glad you enjoyed it so much.
Wanted to let you all know I think of you often and pray for you.
I don't post a lot but like eveyone it seems to get soooo busy.
Hope each of you has a wonderful Holiday Season, filled with peace, love, and family and friends to celebrate it with. Love Jane
Hi to all, welcome home Al and Lee, sounds as if the trip was a blast. You could have emailed back some warm weather.....this is too cold for me.

Talk soon
Hi Al,

Happy you and Lee had a great time. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Take Care.

Try this link to my pictures. Not sure if it will work but we'll see.

Tried it and it worked. Click on it and click on slideshow at right on top of page. As you might gather I am rather fond of sunsets. Didn't post them all. If you are interested go to BACK TO MY PHOTOS at left of page and there are some pictures I posted ffrom the Philippines.
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