surgery for drop foot

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Jan 10, 2008
scroll down to the bottom,theres an article entitled "i limped for 10yrs-but a tiny implant cured it in seconds.
also i read that vitamin D is good for cramps and it could help prevent ms.
there are trials going on at the moment,could be intresting.
take good care.
ps, i hope the link works,i'm a bit hopeless at them.
It worked Caroline. It does kind of look like the National Enquirer though.

Hello guys ,do the words Muscle Stimulator come to mind ? . As Ive stated before if you place the electrodes in the right place on your calf ,you'll see what happens . Weight Lifters have use TENS Units for many years .The only thing the surgery will do ,is make better Muscle / Nerve contact with the electrode . Keep in mind when that thing tells the machine to kick on it sends a high voltage charge to the nerve or muscle or both . BE PREPARED . And a TENS Unit is not invasive . Geo

do you think this tens unit has helped you? if so how and where? do you use it everywhere? what exactly does this do when you are losing muscle already?


April ,From my klnowledge of PLS you do not have muscle atrophy to begin with . I have talked with over 30 docs. and they all are with me on this . I had swallowing issues (choking on liquids ) and i went and hada Vital Stim Therapy which is a TENS Unit only they put it on my neck muscles in the front ,we did 14 treatments and thats all they wanted to do .Because in Medicine if you dont show results in a given amount of time they want you out . So i bought my own Unit and continued doing it and i feel i have had some improvements ,But Most people arent satisfied with some results they want something like a miracle
NOT going to happen . I do it for an hour a day for a week or so when im having a choking issue , your own your own out here no protocol . I havent had any choking for a year . Although i was chewing my cheeks and had sores in my mouth .I put it on my cheeks just under the ears more toward the front ,on the teeth
Im notchewing my cheeks anymore BUT i had 1 bad side affect after 1 hour i was emotional and thaught i would cry at anything for an hour . I now know this was it ,must have had enough get toward the center of the Brain where emotions are .This is the 7th Cranial Nerve ,it runs out of the Skull around the ears ,runs down the cheek and out to the facial muscles . I also have some Arthritis in my back and use it for that also
Like i said Your on your own out here . No bodys going to babysit you . I bought my TENS on the web from a site that will sell to Public without a Script . They have been really Nice to me ,selling me more Pads as i need them . If you want to know more PM me . Geo
Thanks Geo!

my first symtom has not been muscle loss. but you have provided good info.
It is funny about the 7th cranial nerve. I have alot of pain around my ear and into my face, and emtional prpblems! I will blame it on my 7th cranial nerve!

I forgot to mention ,if you get a TENS ,dont use it over the Carotids ,these are arteries that provide blood to the Brain . They dont want us to break some cholesterol lose and cause a stroke or clot . If you do a Google Images and put in 7th cranial nerve . You'll see it . Carotids run on each side of the neck just behind the ears . If we can stimulate the nerves ,which in turn stimulate the muscle. we have a shot . This is the theory behind the Olympian Weight Lifters Building Muscle without lifting weight . The Russians Proved this . Also is where using Creatine came from . My Theory is A Virus has entered our Central Nervous System . Geo
I dont normally have Emotional Issues But after doing my Tens that morning i had it ,just for an Hour . Geo
awe bless you geo.
though i have to say men should cry more,help them to get in touch with there softer/feminine side:lol:
my mum has used a tens machine for a few years now for her back and swears by it.
have you used it for jaw spasms? would it work for that area and is it safe to use on the face?
take good care.
Caroline Hi I used it on my Mandibular joint area on both sides ,because i was going through a period where i was either chewing my inside cheek or lip and had sores ,so i used it on my facial area . This is when after an hour i stopped and had some spells i cant explain , i would look at my wife and felt it coming so i went outside ,then it stopped and then later i looked at my Kitty and felt it coming again but it stopped . Im not ashamed of telling that i have cried ,im not one of those Mocho Guys . Im honest with my feelings . It did help because i havent chewed on my cheeks since . I have some Arthritis in my back and use it on there also ,also have used it on my calfs ,on my neck for swallowing issues . No Miracles but it does help . Im starting to get some choking so in a few days i'll start it on my neck for a few days . Also i Found a way to make the pads last longer , buy some Tensive Gel and put a dab on one and smush them together . Because the gel wears out and when they dont stick good you dont get a good stimulation . Geo
thanks geo

when the speach therapist came to see me i asked about some pain relief for the jaw/facial spasms.
she said there was nothing they could give for me,even though i tried upping my dose of baclofen it did not do much.
i could try my mums tens machine if they get bad again,thankfully they have calmed down a bit now and i can eat better and have put a few pounds on.
it is funny you mentioned the 7th craniel nerve,i am still having slight spasms in my right lower face/jaw.
there not severe as they were to the point of distorting my mouth ,but more tightning tugs coming from around the ear and along the lower face/jaw line.
do you have any pain /aching in the mandular joint? or is it just stiffness there?
take good care.
ps i hope you have no stormy weather as i read in the news there was some heading your way.
Stiff ,Incoordination of muscle ,I have no pain or spasms in the facial area . Did you look up 7th Cranial nerve on Google ?. Faye has passed and now their saying she could come back at us ,as that high might give her a push out of its way . But theres 2 others out there ,not much yet but could get there ? I was going to do my TENS on my right calf today but got to doing some Little projects . I have my Hurricane panels up and my geny ready . My Facial muscles when i open to chew are weird ,tonight i managed to get a whole muscle caught in my teeth ,not just a chomp ,but a whole muscle got stuck between my teeth . My problem is i begin thinking i can carry on as normal , NOT. then i have to get it slowed down and chew .slow . Geo
Did you mention to her about Vital Stim Therapy ? Geo
If you look at a map of Florida ,Tampa is only 14 miles away ,to the north . Faye went just to the east of us ,headed toward Jacksonville ,then headed west . We are in the outer edges of the rain bands . Just rain every now and then . Im Ready LOL Geo
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