Sure! I can laugh now!

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May 10, 2003
Point Edward
At the time I was on my last steps before wheelchair I could still manage a short distance with walker or crawl along a wall. We were in Las Vegas with 10 friends for my last big party vacation. My wife and I were in a accessible room at MGM .One day my wife was out while I was in the shower, upon leaving the bathroom with only a towel around my waste I was inching my way along the walls. In my attempt to make it to the bed to get dressed I accidentally hit the automatic door opener at the same time my towel dropped to the floor and of course I get all nervous and my whole body seizes up and I can't move at all. So here I am unable to move, completely naked and the door wide open for all the world to see and of course I can't speak anymore to explain what happened to anyone walking by lol !Boy was that a long 30 seconds until the automatic door closed. My friends certainly had a real good laugh and now I can to. Sure go ahead crack a smile at my expense everyone.

Take Care
Good story Jim. It did make me smile. AL.
What a riot--you painted a great picture of that! :mrgreen:
Isnt it weird that now it is probably kind of a happy memory for you, when at the time it was kind of a nightmare?
Reminds me of one of our last hurrahs at the cusp of impaired mobility-- in a motel in Duluth MN with an in-room jacuzzi........Hubby could NOT get out for the life of him. Our first eye opening encounter with this situation. If you think he would let me call the front desk for help...well, of course not. I think it took about a half hour and a pulled back for me, and we alternated between laughing and crying and yelling at each other.

Thanks again...
Moments like that make life worth living.

I don't have anything to top that story - yet - but embarrassing things happen to me all the time.

We had an office birthday party a couple of weeks - just as we were finishing up singing happy birthday - I leaned over to look at the cake - and I ended up drooling on the cake!

"ummm...Richard you can have that piece"
My husband recently got a feeding tube and we tried putting water in it to see how it worked and the water got all over us. The syringe we were given I thought iwas broken and leaked at the seam going into the little point you put in the feeding tube, so we tried a second syringe and the same thing. We were laughing about it and I told my husband we would have to stand in the shower to give him ensure since it leaked all over us. I tried to use humor as much as possible, so the second time we tried we found out that there was a little cap over the end and that was why it was coming back up and over the edge! We felt so stupid! We just have to laugh at each new thing we have encountered!
Emergency button in handicapped room

Thanks Jim for telling me what that was for. I stayed in a few of those and no one ever told me what the button did, DUH!

Yall have some great stories, keep them coming, I need a good laugh.

I've got a new wheelchair, so far the arm rest fell off, one foot rest sticks out 5 inches further than the other foot, locking screws are falling out all over the place, the right arm rest fell all the way down when I put my weight on it and smashed my fingers, I was trying to come in the front door and got stuck sideways, and then I finally got stuck in the front yard in the mud. I just sat there waving at all the neighbors as they passed by, saying, hello, having a good day, you betcha.

And to think I use to be able to completely rebuild a car engine, do all my own maintainance, and now I can't even put a sock on my foot.

Al least every day is interesting and different.

God Bless
Big AL
Is this a power chair Al or just a pusher? Must of been made in Detroit. I can't do socks most days either. I got my new AFO today aka ankle/foot orthotic or leg and foot brace. The guy told me to wear it for an hour then off for an hour and so on for the first couple days and then 2 hours on 2 off for a couple of days but only wear it when walking. I got home and told Lee and she says why didn't you tell him you can't even walk for 1 hour all day long let alone 1 hour on 1 off all day long. Where the heck does he think you're walking to?
Well I sat there with a dumb lok on my face and said: Well then you shouldn't let me out alone then! Guess I told her eh?
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Men should not be left alone......

That's right we just get in trouble. Yes this was my new spiffy expensive power chair that is suppose to do 15 mph on max setting. For some reason my wife kinda objects to that setting. Just because the dishwasher, refrigerator, and half the cabinets are scratched and dented, I have no idea why. Dang thang ought to have better brakes, come to think of it I haven't found a brake on this wheelchair yet. Hum.....

Don't know which will fall apart first me or the chair.

God Bless
Big AL
:-D All you guys are hysterical...I really needed the laugh tonight, too. My husband had a tough day today...still trying to accept this disease (newly diagnosed) after watching his brother die with it recently, and the realities are beginning to really hit hard. Plus, we were watching movies today, and one of them had a person in it who got ALS and each time we saw her, it was worse until she had lost almost all mobility and speech. My husband isn't there yet, but we know it's inevitible, so it was hard to watch. But we followed up with our favorite show "Boston Legal" which always makes him laugh, and now you guys have lightened my burden with your stories...thanks for the smiles!

("When He doesn't calm the storm, he calms his child.")
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