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Dec 7, 2004
Arnold's web page:

Thank you Al for giving me the idea to post my web page on this forum. Congratulations! You are bringing in lots of funds for the cause. And I enjoyed reading your story.

Let's all pitch in and do our best to make the June 11th fund raisers a great success. We have a long way to go here in NB but we have some super volunteers and we are all optimistic. Let's hope for a fine day and lots of participants on Saturday.
If you think I'm doing well check out Geayt's Mates and the Spiteri Family sites. They are in our group and have done a tremendous job. One of the things on my To Do List is get to see the East Coast. Have a brother in law from Pictou N.S. and he is always telling me how great it is down there. Maybe some day I'll get down there and drop in for tea or something. LOL.
Well guys last year in Peel we raised 27K with our walk. With the help of some new people and some very generous contributions it looks like we raised $75,000 today and there are still some other amounts to come in. We are all hot and tired but elated at the response. It was 31 * out there and muggy.
Well, when the fire trucks rolled into the park to visit during the walk, I wanted them to hook up the hoses to the hyrdrants and spray us was seathing heat, but a great day. Everyone is exhausted, but as Al said elated. They had a jazz band playing, lots of food and prizes and a unrelenting spirit. No one could get over the amount of money and the generosity. We made awareness happen, with almost 400 walkers!
Well like my dad who is 90 years old and just bought a house in Marmora Ont. because he's tired of living in an apartment in Missisauga says. Just do the best you can. I guess we did.
Congratulations to all of you and the volunteers that participated in your walk. It sounds like it was a great success. At least you didnt have the torrential rains or the massive flooding we are experiencing out west here. If you were rocking you must having a great time its the only way to do it! Way to go people.
ALS About Loving Someone
ALS Walk in Moncton

The gods really shined on us here in NB. It was only 20 degrees celsius with a slight breeze. It was a totally gorgeous black flies and no mosquitos! Thanks to retired school principal Al Kavanagh the event was a great success; the team of volunteers did a fabulous job. A large group of walkers, food and drink for all, entertainment, prizes and lots of money raised. I was thrilled to take part and lend my support. :D
I'm really stiff and sore today after the walk, but worth every ache.
We did really, really good guys. Imagine what we have to do for next years walk.
Beat our existing &75,000. We have our work cut out for all of us.
The response was so terrific from everyone, marvelous simply marvelous.! I have no other words to describe the feeling we all had after they told us the amount collected at the walk.
A very good day had by all.
Hi Guys,

Great job everyone. It is so wonderful to see that a good turnout and good weather and great spirits enlightened your day. And a fantastic amount of money was raised as well. Way to gooooooooo! All of Henry's friends and family donated a sizable amount of money to the foundation as well. I wish I could have been there. (in spirit I was ) The pictures were great as wll Lee and Al, thank you for sending them to me. Lots of smiles, good to see. Al, you still look great. Hope you stay that way for a long while. You sexy devil. Lets hope that with this added boost to research that a cure or treatment will be found. That would be wonderful. Anyway, thank you to all who walked on behalf of the people who have als, who may get als, and in the memory of the people who have passed on from als. It is a pleasure to know you all. Have a great night and may God Bless everyone of you.

Love, Carol
Betty's Run Calgary

The rain clouds held off and over 1000 people walked, ran and rolled at
Betty's run this morning. It was a great experience for Vic and me to be part of the larger ALS community. Since Vic's diagnosis last year, we have been blessed with care, concern and support from family, friends, the ALS CLinic and the ALS Society in Calgary.
This was somethimg new, being surrounded by so many people with ALS and those caring for them and part of their support groups. It was such an upbeat yet relaxed event. Russell Savage was a most eloquent and inspiring ambassador. Chris Mann was there as well.
Being part of it all was a real lift for us and our "team". Thanks to all the organizers!
It's been so good to read of the various ALS walks/runs being held across the country this weekend.
A peaceful night to all.
Vic andJ essie
Hi to everyone,
Well the east meets the west and by the sounds of it everyone has done the best and even better. The support that goes out in these walks are utterly amazing and when we have ours in Regina I am going.I hope I havent missed it I've got to check on that. Congratulations Calgary on your success and like Carol said God bless you all the heavens are shining and smiling tonight.
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CONGRATULATIONS! That's so wonderful. If it was as hot there as it was here, I don't kow how you did it. I was plopped in front of a fan most of the time. So, you guys are awesome!

I would like to thank Al and all the others who have sent pictures to me at my site, I think it speaks volumns about just what can be done. If anyone wants to send pictures from where ever just use my email address and I will make sure that each and everyone of them get on the site. Support group meeting dates, any other ALS related functions are also more than welcome, if I do not have a Provincial Page for you one will be made while you wait!

Glad to have you aboard George. I'm sure you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Hope you have time from your site to drop in. I've been over at your site before I sent you the pictures but don't recall if I signed the guest book or not. A free plug is in order here for You have an interesting site and I haven't seen it advertised here. If crackpots and snake oil salesmen can post here then you should be able to. At least we know you're honest.
I looked at the site last night, found it amazing. The stories are heart wrenching. I finally had to stop reading them. But as I looked around I noted a few familiar faces in the picutres, as I scrolled noticed Al had sent them for posting.
A ton on information there, thanks for the website, everyone here and elsewhere should read it.
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