Support Groups in Ontario?

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Jan 4, 2006
Does anyone out there know if there is some sort of support group or network for families dealing with ALS? I would be very interested if there is such a thing anywhere in Ontario.
I have been searching for a support system in my area and have not found anything yet. I have found since I was diagonsed that there is not alot available in the area I live in which makes it a lonely feeling. My wife and I have tried to find the right kind of support since I was diagnosed in September but we are still searching.

Awhite, where do you live? There are support groups out there, we have one in Brampton.
If you aren't close to that area, contact the ALS Society in Ontario, they should be able to tell you where the closest one is.
Hi awhite,
I know what it feels like if there is no support group close to you. But, I live in New Brunswick.
If you go to Home page, then click on Provincial ALS sites, then on Ontario you will find a list of the Support Group/Chapters in Ontario. I don't know if this is a complete list, but it might be a place to start!
Hope you find a group!
... also, depending on your location, the local ALS Clinic that you are using will have some information on a support group. Perhaps even one at the clinic itself.

Good Luck

Also you could ask the ALS Society if there is another patient in your area. They might not want to be part of a group but might want just one other person to talk to. Also check with your local Hospice if there is one. Some have a mentoring program where they pair you up with a volunteer that is someone to talk to or whatever you need. Take you on outings, shopping , or just be a friend.
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