Sunnybrook Tuesday the 29

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May 25, 2004
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Anyone else going to be at Sunnybrook Tuesday? My app't is 10;30.
Hi Al,
my mum has a 9am appointment.. see you there hopefully.. she has a heap of people that want to see her. I do anticipate that we will be there for the entire day.
Take care.
My Mom has an 830a.m. appointment at Sunnybrook. Not sure what to expect at this appointment since more things have cropt up. To top things off my mom has been dealing with shingles. Very painful. Trying to stay positive is very difficult but we try to take one day at a time. Anne
Rechecked and mine is at 11 but I'll try to get there earlier. I'll be the chunky bald guy in the power chair.
Hi AnnMarie....Thank you for asking. My mom came down with the Shingles on May 4th. Luckly I got her to the doctor within the 72 hour period so she could take the medication. The blisters have cleared up. However, She still has the burning, painful feeling. She got the blister along her lower back, onto her right hip, on the stomach and down into the groin area. I have to say this past Monday was the first day that I had seen her with more energy. She is really a trooper and really does not complain much.

We were at the clinic on Tuesday and they checked her strength. Luckly up until now she is very strong in her arms, hands, fingers and legs and feet. Unfortunately her neck is weaker. Her neck remains like it is stiff. She has difficulty moving it from side to side and it droops forward somewhat. She complains that the back of her neck is sore. They have fitted her with a soft neck support which they want her to wear a couple of hours at a time during the day. They have also suggested that she get a lift chair so that she can recline to a position that is comfortable for her. A loner chair will be delivered to her from the ALS society and may want to purchase her own if she likes it. Also a sleep study was suggested, since she has difficulty sleeping at night, Especially laying flat. Also they want her to see a dentist at the hospital that specializes in ALS patients. My mom has been complaining that her gums are swollen and sore and not able to wear her denture.

I am sorry to hear about your mom's experience with shingles. My mom and myself have had shingles both twice each and it is an awful experience.

Sorry for the long post but I thought I would fill you in. ....We take one day at a time. God Bless, Anne
Hi Al

Hi Al:

Saw this post and thought I would drop you a line. How was Lorne on Tuesday? ha ha

Gail has had a rough week. They discovered that after her pneumonia that she had 2/3rds of her left lung full of fluid. She was referred to a respirologist in Newmarket and at the consultation he was more concerned about her swollen and purple feet. He said that her circulation is a bigger issue and sent her down for an ultra sound on her legs. The ultra sound showed a blood clot from her knee to the top of her thigh.

Good thing he checked, and so now she is being injected with blood thinners. She went in to hospital for a few days to have her lung drained and they took out over two litres. That is alot of fluid. I couldn't believe it. It is like two bags of milk. I still can't believe it. She told me on Monday she didn't feel different.

I just wanted to mention to everyone that if you are having circulation problems in your legs, to get them checked and maybe start some blood thinners. We knew nothing about this and Gail has been having swelling and discolouration in her feet for a while now.
Hopefully it will all work out and they willl get her blood and clot under control.

I am still planning on visiting, but have been crazy busy with many things. I have my walk for ALS on Saturday in Alliston and I am pleased with the generosity of so many of my friends, neighbours and family.

Think of you often and am looking forward to seeing you and Lee very soon.

Barbie :-D :mrgreen: :-D :mrgreen:
For Barbie

Hi Barbie, So sorry for Gail, don't need any extra problems. Is she still in the Hospital? Must be scarey for her children. Wish her well for me. She is in our thoughts and prayers. Fondly, Beebe

annmarie said:
Anne, how did you mom make out at the clinic? my mom had shingles for 2 years, she never got better, she passed away in December, we often feel that shingles was her undoing, she got pneumonia and died of a heart attack, she did not have als, I can only imagine how hard it would be to have shingles along with als. My thoughts are with you and your mother. Annmarie

Iwish your Mum well & hope those shingle are a light case. God bless EM
Thanks for your support Edna May and Annemarie....Hope you are all doing well. Anne
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