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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
Anybody going on June 7 around 10-1030? Want to meet for coffee?
Hi fotios. Yes it is too bad that we are separated by such a distance but brothers in the fight against this disease. Maybe someday we will meet. Maybe here maybe in the hereafter. Who knows.
Al your just like the ever ready bunny you just keep going and going. I would love to meet you for coffee but 54 hours is a long ways to go for a cup and how come we've never seen any pictures of that grand baby of yours. I guess there are some things you just have to keep for yourself when they are as precious as babies. Have a great walk and have a cup of coffee for me I will be there in spirit.
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Sorry Big Guy!

Gotta bikini waxing that morning.
(Hafta look my best in my Speedo...)

... bikini waxing... you are just out of the wrapper Mike! I'm getting my back waxed... the speedo disappeared under my navel years ago but it's around here somewhere! Kim... if you are close to Calgary maybe you should drop in on Mike and help him with his day at the spa... photo's would be appreciated!
Al give my regards to Olive and Myrna on clininc day... and if you see Dr. Cashman tell him that global warming is going to turn Toronto into the bananna belt so he might want to stay here! The professor and I will be doing the Toronto Walk and I'm working her over for the Peel one but it's an early morning for us country folk to get there for start up... we'll see!


I am now convinced that this forum is a few beers short of a six pack..waxing?OUCH! for men?...well to each his own. I can only imagine how Al will respond to this thread.......
T-bear, I thought country folk got up early in the morning ? There is an easy solution, you and the professor come in the night before.
I am sure Lee will put both of you to work, and it would be great to meet both of you.
So next excuse? Seriously, the numbers expected have exceeded all targets if everyone comes, four more arms to help would be great. And as a bonus, you get to meet several of the forum members.
Hi guys,

Glad to hear that some of you are making the walk. I wish I could be there too. But, due to work commintments I will be there in spirit with you all. That is the closet walk to us other than London. Tomorrow would have been Henry and mines 25'th Wedding Anniversary. I am dreading the emotions that I will feel. I booked myself to work so I will have some type of diversion. I do not know if that was the smartest thing to do, but, due to the state of mind that I am in, I think that it may be the best thing to do. We shared so many happy years together, and I hope that my children are as lucky as their Dad and I to find that great love in their lifetime. I really think that he tried to hang on for this day, but, he just got too tired. So, I will lift a glass of wine to him and celebrate our occasion, alone.

Mike, what the heck are you doing getting a wax job? Ouch! I would not even consider it. And TBear if you are that hairy, you sure will keep the professor warm at night ! Theresa, good to hear from you. How are things going? Heard from the man lately? How is he doing? Hope alright. Well, I am going to bed now to get my beauty sleep and dream about what might have been. Love and hugs to all.

Stay Strong, Carol
Hey Mike or Chris. How do I post a couple of pictures on here? Kim wants to see the baby and I have a picture of Elaine and I and Rich Power from Newfoundland. All of us guys with ALS at a fundraising Dart Tournament. And no we didn't throw any darts. We are all dangerous with our throwing. I don't think I'll get into the waxing debate although I do like the smooth look. I shave my head every 2 or 3 days but can't imagine waxing. OUCH.
I dont know how hairy you are either Mike but if your really serious about waxing suguring is the way to go and its much sweeter uh huh uh huh uh huh lol! My daughter is a asethetician and she says it even lasts longer just stay away from the bees and the wasps after you get it done. Carol my thoughts are with you tomorow and I know its going to be a tough day but you know hes watching so maybe have 2 glasses of wine.Al I can hardly wait to see the baby pictures if you can swing it. For everyone participating in the walk have a great day and Mike if all goes well you can post your hairless body in your new thong da dong dong!
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Al first pics must be on server. I use free space at . ONCE pics are moved there, choose the one you want, rt mouse click on URL and copy. Goback to your message and click on img, then paste URL after which click close tags.

RIGHT mouse click on pic then proprties to see where it lives
Carol -

I just read this thread (I'm still catching up). How did your anniversary day go? I'm sure it was emotional.....did working help? I hope you didn't have too many glasses of wine in honor of the day! Melissa
Hi Mellisa,

Good to hear from you and see that your box is up and running again. Monday was a dreadful day. You only get one chance to celebrate milestones and I of course was alone. I think that the actual work up to the day was worse than the actual day itself. I had myself so worked up and upset. I got lots of plants and flowers from all of our loved ones and nice cards and well wishes. I was not alone in the true sense of the word though. My kids and parents and friends and coworkers were so kind and supportive. It still was very hard and I shed more than a tear or two. However, I cannot change what happened to us , but I am still very thankful that God sent him to me for 27 years.They were the happiest days and years of my life, and for that I will be forever grateful. I was so lucky to have a man that truly loved me and cherished me. His love was so true and strong, and I will have that for the rest of my life. So......I go on. Thank you for asking. Each day gets a little easier, I know that I have to believe that he is at peace and whole again. That gives me such comfort. How are you doing? I agree, we should all get together this summer for a visit and bbq or something. I think that that would be great. I would love to meet all of you face to face. We have all forged a bond, and I think that we would have a great time. Well, I just got in from work, I am tired, I trained 4 new people tonight and they wore me out. whew ! Have a good night and I will talk to you all later.

Love, Carol
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