Suggestions for hiding shakes and twitches?

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Sep 12, 2007
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I have some pretty shaky and twitchy hands and feet. I am trying to conceal all my symptoms from my family until I have a diagnosis. It is becoming increasingly hard to blame it all on too much coffee!

I have found that I can hide some of the shakes and twitches by always hanging onto something (except for anything with ice in it!). If my feet just will not work at that moment, I stop and check my cell phone for voice mail – anyone looking doesn’t know why I stopped.

I would appreciate any ideas that others have tried to conceal their symptoms!

I take ativan it helps somewhat with the shakes in my hands. They are worst if i don't take it.

Hi Pythia - I didn't think that tremor is typical of ALS. Isn't that more of a parkinsons symptom?
I have tremors too - mainly in my index fingers and thumbs and sometimes my wrist will shake. Do you have other typical ALS symptoms? I am undiagnosed too but feel that it is simply a matter of time. My family is still firmly in denial that there is anything terribly wrong, except for my husband who is beginning to accept that something isn't right.
At any rate, I wanted to tell you that since I have been on neurontin my twitching and tremors have decreased dramatically. I sometimes feel like a drug rep on here because I am always telling everyone what a difference it made to me. But it's true. Apparently it has some pretty nasty side effects but for me, it has made an enormous difference to my symptoms. So if you want to conceal your symptoms from your family for a little while longer, maybe ask your doc what drugs you could try.
Good luck.
Hi Pythia- I have found that I am shaky if overtired. Quinine helps the cramps but I've yet to find anything to help the twitches. Is your family noticing? I trembled like a leaf in the wind and nobody noticed a thing! Maybe I just live with a bunch of ostriches! :-D Cindy
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