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Dec 12, 2006
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There are a lot of great people on this forum, but the person that I respect, amazed by his strength and that he can still enjoy life with this terrible disease, is Mike, or Quadbliss. I don't know how you can be so positive. I can still eat, walk, and talk (but not too well), and I feel like I wished it was all over, and could be with God right now. My hat is off to you.

I absolutely agree with you. Mike is an inspiration to me. Makes me feel so bad when I complain about where I'm at in this ALS.

God Bless you Mike. You have helped a lot of us see that all things are possible, if we only believe. Here is a hug for you.

God Bless
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I was at the clinic yesterday being fitted for a power chair and was thinking about how crappy this is for me. When I saw some of the others that have had this disease only a matter of months and are worse off than me it kind of makes you think. Mike is a real inspiration to us all but is still more or less a faceless entity in the internet world. Seeing is believing. There are a lot of people dealing with things much worse than us. A little dose of reality once in a while really helps your attitude.
We haven't heard from her in a while but I was really amazed by Felicia who was posting from her boarding home late last fall. Talk about brave.....

Thanks guys. Now please stop! You are making me blush.

:oops: Mike

I feel the same as you. My weakness is only in my legs and I am having trouble coping with just my legs. Mike, has a very possitive attitude and great outlook on life. My outlook is much more dark. I hope to get some possitive soon.


I agree. I have to admit, I wonder how Mike can do it, but I admire him for his positive words.
You know you think ALS is the worst thing in the world, and then you watch the news and see so much suffering. I was watching the news yesterday and they had a teenager on there, dying of a rare form of brain cancer and how she was donating the money from the Children's wish fund she received to build a school in Kenya. I was amazed by this and her Mother was sitting beside her on the hospital bed. Then they went on to say that her Father had passed away from ALS when she was only 6 years old. I just shook my head and thought, it doesn't get much worse than that.

Anyhow, That doesn't sound like a positive story but I was amazed and inspired by the strength of both the Mom and the daughter.

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