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Sep 25, 2007
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Hello, My name is Brian I am 37 years old and a father of four children. I am currently a police officer and life is good. However a month and a half ago I began getting what I thought was flu like symptoms (Aching just plain feeling like crap) After On the third day I began feeling a little better but on the fourth day I woke up having no strenght in my arms. There was no numbness or tingiling or twitching. I just couldn't pick my son up, or button my pants or open a pop can. I couldnt even grab a pen. The next day I went to the doctor and he put me off for two weeks and began testing for M/S. The MRi showed no leasons associated with M/S. Now they are leaning towards ALS. I have regained my strenght and have returned to work.

DO I have ALS? Are these symptoms.? Does the weekness associated with ALS come gradually or quick like mine.

Anyone know.

Thanks Brian
The weakness associated with ALS is due to muscle atrophy which occurs over time. Secondly, the weakness doesn't get better. Once the muscle is gone it's gone. I'm no doctor but based on what you've posted ALS would be the furthest from my mind.
I third this motion, you don't have ALS. It does not get any better. Sounds like Guillan Barre syndrome, it causes temporary weakness.

ALS does not get better buddy...your clear.



I also vote NO ALS for what it is worth. But please let us keep us informed of what your Neurologists find out and what tests you get. Thanks and Best Wishes, Peg


if this comes back look at one of the tick transmitted disease like lyme. The gold tests for lyme are more like lead. Find a lyme expert--they look at many factors.

congrats on getting better,

I have been reading all of your replies and i thank all of you. I guess my question would be why the doctor decided to scare the #$%^ out of me. I have my nerve test tomorrow. I guess we'll see. My Lime decease test came back negative so have all the others so far.

Just being told you might have something like ALS has been hard. I cant imagine being diagnosed. My prayers are with everybody on this site.

I feel kind of stupid after reading your replies and quick responses. Maybe my doctor needs to read up before thowing something like this out there, but I will keep you posted on my DX and hope it helps somebody else.

Hi Brian. Is the doc leaning towards ALS a GP or a Neurologist? Most GP's wouldn't be able to tell if it was ALS if it bit them in the butt. A bunch of people here have seen Neuro's that haven't seen ALS before either. I'd say you don't have it but I'm not a doctor. I've seen and talked to a lot of patients at the clinic and various Symposiums I've attended. You don't sound like them. Relax.


Thanks to all of you for your replies. The doctor that suggested ALS was my GP. I went to my Emg on Wed. However I am getting the feeling I need to go to another group of doctors. On Wed the Doctor d conducted the test on my left arm and then half way through my right arm and shoulder area he told me his computer froze and lost all my information. Then told me I would have to come back on thursday to complete the test. (Already stressed now I have to do it again) v:(

Well after the test the doctor says "your nerves and muscles are within range for the most part" (WTF does that mean.) Then tells me he will send the info to my neurologist and put the two together.

I feel much better after going on this site and seeing everyones replies. However I am being conservative in my thinking. Once again thank you to everybody.

Brian (my thoughts and prayers are with all of you)
Hi Brian- "for the most part" is not reassuring but it still could be due to a number of conditions, and most of them are treatable. I agree with AL- an ALS clinic can tell it when they see it. Cindy
Brian, this doesn't sound like ALS symptoms, but get to an ALS Clinic for a definitive diagnosed.

Good luck. And let us know how you are doing.
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