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Oct 12, 2007
Learn about ALS
British Columbia
Please remember this is a new field for me.
This could draw a high level of confused information but somehow I feel this question is
still valid.
Here is the situation.
I play a quite a bit of Texas Hold'em. On Friday night during a local tournament, I noticed that my twitching rose very high and very quickly during the early stages of the tournament. I had a beer and it helped settle my nerves. That in itself is a dangerouis point, but the beer seemed to help.
On twitching, I really could careless about the twitching on it's own. I have long since accepted that twitching is not a symptom of much if it is on it's own. But, this twitching was right downtown central to my effected area.
So then I got to thinking back, that during both of my EMG's, my twitching went way up a lot during the probing stage. We are talking way up and in both sets of circumstances in many areas.
My employment involves some stress by times and lots of stress other times.
Around home things can get ramped up stress wise usually as a result of domestic demands on me.
Just having this conditions or the threat of having this condition is stress enough for any human being. No matter what your life style, yoga is probably going to be a good consideration. I am not a big yoga fan, but by golly I'm thinking why not?
Every person in the free world is aware that "less stress is better", okay. That is not my point or question.
My question is how much effect will this extra stress have on the progress of our condition?
So, what are your thoughts on this?
I think most people here will agree that more stress will make progression faster and make symptoms appear (facic's) to increase. I'm not sure if any scientific studies have been done but that is a general observation.
Tom, didn't you say you had been twitching for years? I'm no expert, but I'm betting that Texas Hold Em doesn't accelerate ALS (even when you're all in :-D). But stress definitely makes you twitch more--makes everyone twitch more, whether you have an underlying condition or not.

I add my two cents here only because I would hate to see someone stop playing poker. I love that game.

Now, on the other hand, if you see the flop, and I notice that your arms start firing like crazy, I'm folding to any bet :-D

Just for the record, I'd listen to Al before I would listen to Jeliota, but if you really enjoy poker, then true stress would be giving it up. You know, that one hand every now and then that sends a little adrenaline through you just makes it all worth while, right?
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