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Jan 28, 2019
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Hi guys,

I hope everyone is doing okay today.

Since last September I have had extremely strange symptoms which have progressed. At the end of September 2018 I had a sudden onset of left muscle weakness and left arm muscle weakness. It wasn't gradual just happened one day. There was no less of strength or inability to walk. I was very concerned about these symptoms but around the start of October they disappeared.

Around the end of October they came back again, again mostly on the left side and again the same ligaments. Both my left arm and left leg. It felt almost like a tingling sensation, my left and arms would twitch some times but it was not 24/7. Again no clinical weakness and inability to walk. Come the middle of November these symptoms had gone again.

Start of December these symptoms return but worse. My legs and arms would twitch, my legs for a few days felt like they were aching, almost like a burning sensation. Thankfully the aching went away after a few days. My legs would twitch when I was resting but not when active. Again I had this strange tingling sensation both in my left leg and left arm as well as my right arm. Queue a neurologist appointment. Middle of December neurologist ordered an MRI scan and told me "you definitely don't have ALS". Again no loss of balance, no inability to walk and no actual weakness. Symptoms disappeared at the end of December.

Gets to middle of January and symptoms return. MRI scan completely normal so we can rule out MS. Again the tingling sensation is mostly on the left side of my body but the twitches are everywhere. My whole body almost feels like it is aching. No loss of strength as far as I can tell though.

I regularly test it by walking on my tip toes etc and I can still do this with ease. I have muscle spasms, tingling and a feeling of weakness, fatigue as well. Neurologist simply discharges me with no further instructions. I must mention I have had muscle spasms for quite a while. But before September I had no symptoms what so ever. Again I can walk normally, balance is normal. I had chest pain for a few days but this went away. But even my muscles on my palms twitch.

Any advice on what you think this could be? Should I ask for an EMG? I am 23 years of age.
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