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Jan 10, 2019
Learn about ALS
In advance i would to say the people giving help on here is very generous depending you go out of your way to help people with their own concerns. If anyone can be of help that be great.

Firstly (i know people probably are going to tell me the risk is incredibly low as it is due to this but anyway) i am 20 going 21 years olds, male. Over the last 3 or so months my body has definitely been acting rather odd.

-I have noticed recently that i have been experiencing muscle twitches across my body on a consistent basis, on my left and right calf, my wrists and my tricep. they wont last for very long but im pretty aware of them and are hard to ignore when you get pretty much 1 happen somewhere every minuite or so.

- what made me go see a doctor was i having noticed in the last 3-4 days on my left hand my thumb and fingers felt weaker. This is where i get confused as im not entirely sure how to describe it but it feels like they are stiff/ for example when i flex out my hand straight compared to my right hand it feels less smooth? If thats understandable. I cant turn off the TV button that easily as well as with my right thumb. Feels like when i straighten my fingers it feels like something is pulling the fingers down a little unlike my right? My thumb when im using my phone also has a strong quivering sensation.
- well i saw my doctor and he did some standard tests to test strength like grip and stuff, but said he doesn't think its anything to be concerned about but will monitor it for the time being and sent me off to have some blood tests to measure vitamin and other levels.

Other things worth mentioning:
Aside from twitching for the last 3 months i have had numbness for periods of minutes in my feet and leg, and occasionally this prickly spider web feeling on my face like literally the sensation a spiders web stuck on my face. I would get this sensation for every night after work for the whole journey home. Also have been ill with a cold/flu on rotation for weeks across the last 3 months.

Regardless i know its rather early in finding out what is doing this but i have a strong tendency to worry and google as many do and any help or advice would be great thanks you all.
My advice will be to continue following up with your GP. There is no indication of MND in what you have said -- a very good thing.

thank you thats very helpful and yes i will continue with seeing the GP. Although i should manage until my next appointment im quite anxious at this very moment as since coming off the computer ive realised my pinky finger is feeling noticably heavier, like im having to work my finger harder to move it than before.
Without sounding like a anxious wreck but how quickly does the weakness change? does it noticeably feel your having to work muscles harder to do the same task before you cannot do said task anymore at all?
As we say in the stickies, ALS is a disease of failing. It is not about feeling weak, but being weak -- unable to do things.

As an example, one of my husband's first signs was being unable to get out of the bathtub. There was no feeling of weakness in doing that, before the day he couldn't.

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Okay im not going to try and sound dramatic, but things have gotten drastically worse since today. suddenly out of nowhere my throat has started to hurt after i speak for a little while even, and i never really considered the way my tongue was. Well i put a torch on it and it is twitching and pulsating constantly. my throat had been feeling weird but i thought it was nerves, this can very well change everything for me.
Cal, this isn't the place to get actual medical help. Nor is it a place to depend on the members for anxiety about your symptoms. We can only repeat "doesn't sound like ALS" and ask you to read the post and actually take in what it says.

If you have a sudden sore throat, maybe see your gp, no? It isn't ALS. But it could be something you need to get seen to sooner rather than later.

No more posting til you have seen a medical professional who has told you MND is actually on the table. At this time you are only distracting yourself from what is really wrong (no idea what that is) and spending time in a forum that is not for you.
Im sorry im just scared. Well since noticing the problem with my tongue i have deteriorated quite a lot. Im struggling to walk and the stiffnessin my hands has spread to the right. I feel like im walking a marathon when im walking. Im also struggling to swallow water and i have slured a number of words. Im currently seeing the doctor again about my condition.
Please post after your appointment to let us know how it goes- as asked before. Till then, best if you stop engaging here, as it seems to be boosting your anxiety and does you no good. Save your listing of symptoms for the doctor, who can actually assist you.
Well although i dont feel perfectly better many of those symptoms i think can be put down to extreme anxiety and sleep deprevation as i ended up going to see a emergency doc and getting various blood tests done and they came back fine, i dont know if its was because i was more relaxed in the hospital but i started to feel better, could speak more clearly, legs aren't feeling like jelly anymore.

Shows how strong your own perception can be and maybe for some who are worried on here will ease their own concerns.

Anyway i had a good rest (slept for 13 hours) i woke up and i feel quite a lot better. My left hand still feels funny however, and janky, and the twitches in my tongue are still there and across the rest of my body. I will have a follow up appointment with my GP later in the week and i will make sure he sees my tongue this time and mention the other issues as well.
Update: saw a doctor for follow up appointment, as my symptoms have got worse. one side of my tongue is significantly less strong than the other, with the obvious canvern or canyon indention along the top upper side. that side of the tongue is less ridged on that side as well this is accompanied by frequent twitches across the tongue itself, doc noticed the weakness on one side of the tongue. My feet feel much weaker too. fingers are janky in both hands now. i am also producing increasingly more saliva and im coughing increasingly more. swallowing feels difficult.

My GP said he couldnt rule out motor neurone disease and has referred me to a neurologist who i will like go private to see due to how my symptoms are currently. I dont know what to think. Im pretty numb emotionally at times. Honestly im pretty much certain i have motor neurone disease due to both Upper and lower neurone symptoms. My family are still acting like everything is just normal, like its not getting serious or how these symptoms are changing my life.
Please post AFTER you have seen a Neuromuscular specialist, in which MND would be on the table. If it is not on the table, which I highly doubt it is, you can take ALS from your mind. Your GP is in no way qualified to suggest such a diagnosis, especially since you exhibit no symptoms of ALS.

Take good care.
thanks, but can i just say how do my symptoms not suggest at this point a risk of MND? Aside from the anxiety induced symptoms the ones before (hand) and ones i never really considered (tongue) do suggest something is far from right. I dont want to put myself into a false sense of security. In other news i got some insomnia medication to help with my current lack of sleep which should help at least partially with the no sleep ive had from this.
Because none of your symptoms suggest ALS, that's why. ALS does not start out bilaterally and all over the body. You do NOT exhibit ALS, OK? Please update and ask further questions AFTER a Neuromuscular specialist appointment. No need to add symptoms between now and then, either.

Best of luck to you.
Because none of your symptoms suggest ALS, that's why. ALS does not start out bilaterally and all over the body. You do NOT exhibit ALS, OK? Please update and ask further questions AFTER a Neuromuscular specialist appointment. No need to add symptoms between now and then, either.

Best of luck to you.
Im sorry for sounding mad, but im literally deteriorating so fast its incredible. Im having breathing problems now as well, as in bad breathing at rest. my tongue has continued to atrophy, I can see clearly it has changed since i last looked 2 days ago. Tried going for a run and i could barely manage 200m jogging before i couldnt run anymore as out of breath. I also have been emotionally unstable, crying and laughing at the wrong moment.
ALS does not begin this way, not even close to it.

We are not saying you are not ill, we are saying you are not exhibiting ALS. We only deal with ALS here, this one terminal disease consumes all our energy in every way.

Please work with your doctors, badger them, but coming here and posting honestly won't help you in any way at all. I wish you all the best.
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