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Sep 14, 2006
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HI there again, had a couple of bad days last week, but I seem to be back inline. I sometimes cannot understand why I go into this deep anger, and I keep on fighting back which seems so difficult.........but somehow get back which is good for my family. My two boys now know what is going on, and they have been very helpful. My wife is just happy when I'm just my normal self, laughing (of course can't hear my laugh because of bulbar) and my sarcasm and witty and sometimes humourous moments.....I can still speak, but slowly and deliberate. Have a question there anything that I can take for emotional liabilities..........sometimes it can be embarrassing........And then there is the falling a beauty of a bruise on my right side lower back..fell onto a square adapter son came running down to the basement ........and I was just laughing.....telling him thank god for carpeting............I am making my basement kind of my second home.........all carpeting ........LOL..........I also don't understand the reason to go to London, to see neuro told me 4 times.....A.L.S.....I don't know if this is a rant........I hope not ...........U ppl r a wonderful and very supportive group for each other and I applaud u all THANK U ........

I would highly recommend that you keep your appointment with Dr. Strong.

I live in Toronto, but I trek down to London every few months for my appointment. He is one of the top ALS specialists in the field and will have far more information about the disease than your neurologist. Plus at the clinic there is a speech therapist, an OT and PT, social worker, nurtitionist - all specializing in ALS. The OT can recommend a whole bunch of gadgets to help you out.

The only reservation I have about Dr. Strong is that he does not seem so keen on doing any drug trials - but he is an amazing clinician.

Break a leg! oops...I'm sorry...I mean...good luck!

Hi Irish. Good thing you can laugh about falling. I wear runners most of the time and they catch on the carpet sometimes because of drop foot so you have to think about your steps.
Not sure about your case history but going to see Dr. Strong probably isn't a bad idea mostly because he see's a lot of ALS patients and just possibly the other guys missed something. Worth the drive and what the heck it's an outing.
If you only had a couple of bad days out of 7 last week then things must be looking up. It will get better. It just takes time. Sounds like your family is supportive and that's half the battle. Have a good day. I have to go try to cut the grass. AL.
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