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Apr 20, 2008
I went to my regular doctor on Wednesday and voiced my cocerns. He seems to think that my anxiety is causing most of my symptoms. I can't say that I blame him for feeling this way because I am a very anxious person who has dealt with health anxiety for many years.

My symptoms are still: stiff muscles in left leg with twitches in that leg, and other random twitches all over my body, a feeling of constant tremor inside of my body and now I feel like I can't swallow or breath. Mind you, this has all cropped up in the last 3 weeks with more symptoms being added each day.

Progression in ALS doesn't happen this fast usually, right? Is it likely that I am making these things happen due to my anxiety?

My doctor referred me to a neuro to ease my mind but I don't go to him till the 13th of May and I am going crazy with worry.

My body is always worked up in a chronic state of tension because of my health anxiety. Do you think this could be causing my stiffness in my legs? I have no atrophy or muscle weakness? In fact, I have been running up the stairs at work to prove to myself that I am not weak. Sounds crazy, but it's true. haha.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

You really need to relax . . . and I know . . . easier said than done. Nothing really points to ALS in your case . . . nothing . . . well, other than the twitches (big deal), but everything else points away from ALS. You don't have it. I don't know what else I or anyone else on here say to you that will calm your fears. You did the right thing by making the neuro appointment. May 13th is only two weeks away, so if you can simply hold-on until then, he/she will further calm your fears. Now go enjoy your weekend. That's an order!

P.S. Yes, you're right: your symptoms came on too fast for it to be ALS AND AGAIN the symptoms you have are not ALS symptoms. Your bulbar issues are definitely due to anxiety. Now stop reading this and call some friends and go have some fun.
Thanks Wright! I know I sound silly but it's just such a paralyzing fear.

I don't want to get out of bed most mornings which I am sure is depression and anxiety rearing it's ugly head. The first thing I think about when I get up in the AM is having something wrong with me.

I just went for a two mile walk with my puppy. No weakness in my legs at all, but my legs seem to me a little more twitchy now. Normal?
Yes Chelle twitching after exercise is quite normal.
Thanks Grandpa Al. :)

I read someplace on the internet that tremors can be associated with ALS? I have been shaking like a leave for almost two weeks now. It seems to conincide with me starting on the SSRI I am on. But again, I am worried. What kind of tremors are related to ALS?

Also - does ALS make your muscles sore and achey all over?


I read in another post of yours that joint pain and muscle pain are part of ALS? I have both of these and a plethora of other symptoms. Ugh!

If everyone with joint and muscle pain had ALS . . . then there would be about 100 million cases of ALS in the United States. As I have said before: you really need to relax. No one on this forum thinks you have ALS. Let's hope that when the SSRI kicks in, in about two weeks, that you will finally calm yourself and start to relax.
Moe80: With this speed its not ALS and if it helps you - I had the same and it was due to anxiety (I was super anxious last summer and this forum helped me a lot!).

BTW: Little physiology (sorry for spelling, dont know right english words): If you are stressed, your brain needs more Magnesium (calcium too). Lack of Mg leads to tremor and extreme lack of Mg leads can guess..fasciculations. Some people are diagnosed with "latent tetania" (my translation), pathologicall lack of Mg with symptoms like tremor and twitching.
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