Stiffness ... comes with heavy limb feeling?

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Sep 15, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if when your limbs get stiff whether they feel heavy.

I couldn't find a post where someone mentioned it felt like walking through water.

To an extent I think mine feel heavier, it's just so hard to walk when it feels like there are casts on my legs. I may have mentioned one time that my neuro explained it to my wife that by the end of the day my legs feel heavy & weak like someone that was walking in water or molassas all day. I don't know the heavy feeling might just be exhaustion for me as the day goes on?

the stiffer the heavier, at my worst times it's like paralysis and you can't move them, hence"spastic paralysis". yes it does feel like your trying to walk through water, if you have ever tried to do this with your legs straight instead of lifting your knees up and treading down your legs feel heavy and hard to move due to the pressure of the water pushing your legs back.this is what it feels like.
take good care
Thanks Kevin and Caroline!

my actual diagnoses is hsp(but im not sure,and besides i cant find a real hsp message board)lol anyway I always say it feels like I have cement tied to my ankles or something.
Thanks Michelle.

By the way, what is HSP? Is a lower motor neuron disease?

HSP =hereditary spastic paraplegia,it is upper motor neuron.
How does it differ from PLS?

Do you get stiffness and spasms? Do you have pain and difficulty walking?

Sorry I'm just trying to understand.
Mich theres a site on Yahoo, PLS Friends ,this is basically a HSP Forum but they have PLS too .Geo

i cant ever seem to get on the yahoo sites,I cant figure it out. goofy me:-?

you need to download yahoo tool bar first, thats what i had to do.
i don't go on that site very ofton now.
take care caroline:)

When I first started with symptoms about 4 years ago, I was still an active runner...about 15 miles a week. My first description was that I felt I was running through quicksand! Now, my legs are stiff...especially in the morning and after sitting for awhile. My lower back is real stiff making it difficult to bend over and pick up something for example.

Cold weather, fatique, and anxiety really exacerbate the problem. A good work out with stretching helps alot.
Kenny thanks for your advice.

From a previous post I gather you are still quite flexible and mobile. My mom is still mobile, but not to the extent you are. I don't think she could do the squats you mentioned and properly not stretch her quads as well as you.

Are there any other exercises you do?
I'm not all that mobile. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I can only walk with a walker. However, I do my physical therapy exercises most every day. I start in my bedroom and do 20 leg lifts. (I lay on the bed.) Then I move out to the deck in good weather. In bad weather, I use the kitchen counter. The deck is easier to hang on to, I get to look at some scenery and get a little vitamin D, so I prefer the deck.

I start with 20 marching steps. Then I do side leg lifts. Started with 10, worked up to 20 each leg. Then lift the leg straight out to the back 20 times each leg. Then do 20 shallow squats. Then do 20 stand up on toes and stand back on heels. I've never done these well, but I keep doing them. This is followed by 20 back kicks, like you're trying to kick your butt. I then do 20 twists to each side at the waist. I end with 20 marching steps again. After a few months, I was a little more used to it and now do a second run through of each. Again, these were given to me by the physical therapist. They're not terribly difficult, but do take some getting used to.
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