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Feb 11, 2008
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I have another question.....

Is it normal for ALS patients to have severe stiffness after going for a car ride?
My father took my mother riding around the countryside a few days ago. The morning after riding for 1 1/2 hours (with breaks for her to walk around and stretch) she was practically unable to get out of bed. It took her 3 days before she could meander around with her cane without my father supporting her. He even had to lift her in and out of bed for a couple of those days. I am wondering if this is just part of the progression or is it a combo of arthritis and most likely ALS?

I am unclear on this, is your mother DX with ALS? Peg
Stiffness is absolutely a motor neuron symptom, absolutely, and I am sure it can kick up the arthritis also, giving let's say a double whammy. Try some aspercreme, no scent, and does help, and baclofen, or zanaflex. Sorry she is having discomfort.

I am unclear on this, is your mother DX with ALS? Peg

She has not formally been diagnosed yet. It is looking like it is only a matter of time until she is. I will also add that her father died from ALS in 1953. She has always had a high threshold to pain so I believe that when she gets the official diagnosed she will already be in the late stages.
I get stiff from riding in the wheelchair van in my chair with a Roho seat cushion after about an hour and a half. You would not believe how stiff I was after a marathon 8 1/2 hour ride last Friday. I didn't think they would have enough wine in Ohio to limber me up, but they did. Does she take Baclofen or anything like that? I know you can get over the counter Naprosen down there. It might help.
i too have stiffness if sat for more than 1/2 hr, also long car journeys are a nightmare.
glad to see you back al, i hope your cold is better:-D
I have PLS an have stiffness ,Arthritis also so Double whammy yes .But thats where my TENS unit really helps .I cant ride for long i get stiff also sitting for very long too .I need to stand up holding onto something ,get my bearings then go on .I thaught at one point of Ankyolosing Spondylitis .But that doesnt have speech issues . 1 Hour of TENS seems to really help on Constant on the Lumbar Spine 1 on each side of the lower back . Geo
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