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Aug 28, 2006
Dear Friends, I have given much thought as to wheter or not to post this thread. But have decided each of you can decide its importance in your life,not withstanding the moderator Al. Every single one of my neurologists (and I have many) feels that stemcells aRE THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE. Unfortunately, that futurE IS TOO far away to serve my needs. I have done major research on who is doing different types of trials and pioneer work , both here and offshore. I have actually spoken with quite a few PALS who have had diFfeRENT treatments and follow their progress. I was diagnosed 10/04 andd progression was slow unTIL LAST SPRING WHEN a MAJOR SLIDE BEGAN. I chose to go to EDEN LABS in Belize. If interested please see my site I will be delighted to discuss this with anyone. HUGs to all, Susan Tarlton
Susan, this links to a site that discusses economic projections based on decisions of the US Federal Reserve Bank.
Your ar esuch a upbeat woman and I know that will be very helpful in your weeks and months to come. Your bravery will help us as well.Pat
Can you tell me how much is the cost of this treatment? How many treatments does it take?

The cost varies depending on the individual, and I had three IV transplants and one bone marrow transplant. I will also have three boosters during the next year depending on my bloodwork.
Do you know what type of stem cells they are using? Because of my religious beliefs, I could not use embryonic stem cells, but could use umbilical, blood, or adult stem cells.

The Eden Labs study is out for you. My implants were MILLIONS of natal cells.
Ok guys I've had enough of AL bashing week. First of all . Read my post. NOWHERE did I bash stemcell research by reputable people. I bash stem cell treatments in 3rd world countries where there are no controls or rules. Have any of you people ever been in a third world country and seen the medical conditions and poverty? I've been in a few. I'm not blowing smoke up anybody's butt here. I've seen stuff that would make most of you puke.
Third world countries suck. I can not believe that supposedly smart people trash me or this site because we try to stop people from taking potentially life threatening treatments in a crap hole of a country that you wouldn't even consider taking a vacation in. THINK ABOUT IT. You wouldn't go there to visit and now you want to trust a doctor there that can buy a degree for $10,000. Give me a break folks.
Susan you are avoiding the question. What did it cost you? Are you getting anything for promoting this therapy in the U. S as it is not sanctioned by the medical community there?
There's a thread about this place on ALSTDF According to that thread the cost is anywhere from $50,000 - $125,000 depending on disease state.

Here's an excerpt from another article talking specifically about the "Chief Medical Officer" found here
More recently, we have become aware of four patients who have reported symptoms that could potentially be related to more serious reactions. Three of Dr. Ghen's patients have reported passage of dark urine (Coke-colored or darker) starting a few hours after infusion and continuing for a day. Persistent dark urine can be an indication of hemolytic anemia and/or kidney damage. Additionally, one patient informed us of heart palpitations that occurred for 30 seconds about three to four times a day and lasted one week. One of Dr. Cosgrove's patients had a minor infusion-related problem due to blood cell incompatibility and had to be treated for that purpose. All of these symptoms were resolved successfully.

While Dr. Ghen and Dr. Cosgrove's efforts cannot provide definitive answers on the effectiveness of the procedure, it is clear that attention needs to be paid to the safety of the treatment when provided outside the controlled conditions of a clinical trial. Patients considering umbilical cord/placental cell infusion need to be aware of the serious risk it could pose to their health, and balance that with their and their physician's expectation of any potential therapeutic benefit. We encourage patients to work with their physician and other team members (i.e. neurologist, hematologist and other support services) to ensure that this highly investigatory treatment is performed in a controlled clinical setting that employs the best medical practices. In particular, patients and their doctors should seek to ensure that the blood products used in the procedure are collected, characterized, and delivered appropriately.

I am getting nothing for telling my story, and I pay for the opportunity to pioneer. I have several neurologist here in the US, and my local GP who is on top of everything and available for housecalls if necessary. While at Eden, vitals ar

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vital are monitored and urine checkED on a regula r Schedule.

You still are avoiding the question we all want to know. How much did it cost? Please. Or is there some reason you do not want to admit how much?

Capt AL
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