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Has anyone had stemcell injections or know someone that has?
I am giving it serious consideration.It costs $25,000 US
The company is in California but the treTMENT IS DONE in the Dominican.I talked to the doctor and he said they had good results.
Thanks, Barb
Hi Barb,

Did the doctor give you details of these good results? How many procedures have they done? What have the long term results been?

My understanding is that initially after the procedure there is some improvement - but then these new cells are attacked by ALS. In other words I don't think stem cell injections are getting to the root of the problem of ALS. I think stem cell injections would only make sense after the progression of ALS is somehow stopped - otherwise I think you are just throwing good cells after bad - but it may buy a PAL some time.

Check with your doctor and let us know if he has any comments on the long term benefits of stem cells injections for PALS.

Hi Barb. First of all the doctors are not going to tell you they are killing people. That may be a bit dramatic but have you read about these people in any of the good medical journals? I don't think so. There have been people in China doing stem cell transplants for $30 K with limited success.Usually but not always there is some improvement that may last as long as 3 months. I'll get you the URL of a firefighter from Colorado that had it. He did the china trip and his is one of the better documented cases I've heard. Usually you don't hear much after the people have come back. They certainly aren't posting on any of the forums I read. If I was you I'd spend the money on travel and doing the things I had never gotten around to doing. Do what you can while you still can. I'm trying not to sound too doom and gloomish here but you have to be a realist too. Don't give up hope but don't chase false hope. Good luck. Al.
Hi again Barb. Go to this web page for the Castle Rock Colorado Firefighters and then click on Jeff and Cyrilla's page. It tells his story from the start until recently. One of the more honest and upfront reports on stemcell transplants.

The link to Jeff's post doesn't seem to exist anymore. I take a similar view about SCT in India and China. Their effects seem to be out of proportion to the costs and not sure if they can last. $30,000 in India is a lot of money and cannot be justified at all.
I have contacted them to see when the page would be up again.
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