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Jan 27, 2007
gush etzion
Has anyone heard about or been treated at Eden Laboratories Ltd.
My husband was treated by Dr. Ghen in Jan. 2003 at the Institute of Cellular Medicine in Atlanta, GA. It cost us $25,000 (plus airfare, hotel, etc.) for him to receive 20 units of umbilical cord blood. We had very high hopes - just slowing down progression would have made the money we spent worth it, but unfortunately, my husband saw no benefit from the three day procedure (although we did have a nice time in Atlanta). I believe Dr. Ghen's intentions are good - we really loved him and all his staff and they couldn't have treated us any better - they were very good people and we believed in them and what they were trying to do. Would we do it again? Absolutely not. If and when Dr. Ghen makes any kind of TRUE breakthrough in the treatment of ALS, you will hear about it on every news station in the United States.

Save your money. I wish I could tell you differently. Dr. Ghen moves from place to place - he gets shut down and then starts up again somewhere else. We were sorry to hear that he was shut down by the FDA shortly after my husband got his transplant, but now know it was a good thing because it saved other PALS from spending money on something that didn't (as far as what we saw with my husband) help.:|
Thanks Lillie

We have all heard the many scam stories out there, but no one could have answered it better than someone who has experienced it for themselves.

Please understand this, we are not being cruel, or trying to rob you of your hope, but merely stating the facts for your benefit.

There is NO CURE for ALS. Period, end of story.

We all wish there were a cure, treatment, etc. and maybe someday there will be one. When it comes, it will make headlines in every news outlet. If there really was a cure it would not be in a secret doctors office, laboratory, etc, that has to move from place to place because the officials are closing it down all the time.

If you use the search icon above and enter scams or stem cells, you will be surprised what people here have gone through and spent thousands of dollars with ZERO results.

Please learn from others mistakes and save your money for things that really will help the quality of life that is left. Spend time with family and friends enjoying each and every day.

God Bless
Capt AL
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Yes, thanks, Lillie. We debate frequently on this fourm the benefits of these untested treatments but people seldom report back after they've had some actual experience. Thank you for sharing this. Cindy
stem cell treament

Like Al said keep your money, All I ever hear from mda is
this or that sheds light on als. Then it is forgotten. I would
like someone to say we have a new drug to slow als.

I'm very sorry that you have to even think about such, but stem cell therapy even helping ALS would be global news.

I too looked at this when my husband was 1st diagnosed.

Not an option.


Would really like for it to be true!

CindyM said:
Yes, thanks, Lillie. We debate frequently on this fourm the benefits of these untested treatments but people seldom report back after they've had some actual experience. Thank you for sharing this. Cindy

We've tried just about everything in the 6 years we've been on this road - chinese herbs, supplements (of every kind - from dandilion root to sea salt). I think the best thing a PALS can do is to live life as fully as they can and not look down the road too far ahead. Plan head for the future, but take every day and (try to) count what blessings you have. No one is guaranteed tomorrow anyway, you could just as easily be run over by a #7 bus today as die of ALS tomorrow, so IMO enjoy what you have TODAY. Mourn your losses and but keep moving on. I'm a Christian, and I truly truly believe that even though this has got to be the worst disease there is, God is still on his throne. Keep hope alive - you never know what day will be "the day" that PALS hear of a true breakthrough.

God bless you all.
Hi to all:
I am new here and I am glad that I find this helpful website.
Sorry for my English I am from Italy. My grandma, 73 years old was diagnosed with ALS in last May. I love my grandma and I wish I could do anything for her. I can search lots of treatment for ALS in the website. But the more I found, the more confused I was. I am not sure which one is really effective and which one is fraud.
Also I read an article related cells treatment for ALS at this website

link is still bad AL.
I am quite interested in this program. I wonder if anybody here can give advices.
Thank you
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Everyone here is right.

When a cure is found... there will be an immediate nobel prize award and about 100 other awards, all done over the news, in Wash. DC and other places top government offices.

It will be all over every news channel and everyone will know within a week. Remeber all the AIDs' drug to come out. Even the persons who don't have it, all knew when a new promising drug came out.

Now that AIDS is really don't hear much about new treatments, it's old news.

The best thing to happen for ALS in the last year or so is this Augies Quest. Someone of popularity, besides, Lou Gherig has ALS and can get people's attention. They are able to push the MDA for research and generate alot of money for reasearch. I think, it will be something like them or ALSTDF which will find the treatmetns for ALS, not drug companies or doctors in clinics, and this is of no disrespect to them...just how the system is..... They are all to focused on treating symptoms, rather than fixing the problems. ALS does not bring enough money to drug companies to worry.


Hi Subway,

If you will read the post by Lillie in this same thread you will see the results of this "treatment" you are considering. It does not work. There is no cure for ALS, period.

I went to the page you suggested and read this, "OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: With the procedure of cell HLA-matching, the surgical transplant of olfactory ensheathing cells procedure by using stereotactic technique was performed on September 10, 2006. 100 µliters containing approximately 2,000,000 cells was injected into the corona radiata of the patient’s frontal lobe bilaterally based on the Flair MR imagin".

The great results for this patient who was basically paralyzed, was that she could move her tongue a little better? And her bank account was drained to the tune of $20,000 to $50,000, just so she could move her tongue a little better. Come on now get real, face the real world. It did not cure her of anything. Is this the kind of torture you want for your Grandma? Much less the false hope this gives to people.

This scam does not work, has not worked, and will not work. Do a search above on the search icon and enter stem cell treatment and see what you find. 100% of the people who have tried it gave their mony for NO results, for nothing.

I'm sorry but when I see other ALS patients being suckered into these scams I really get mad. Right now they are discovering the country of China is putting poison in our dog, cat food, and now this week they found contaminants in the chicken we are buying from them. God knows what else is in the foods we are buying from them, just because businesses can buy CHEAPER foods from them than from our own farmers and manufactures.

Do you think I would trust them to open up my loved one's skull and put in some experimental stem cell that they got from a pig, sheep, goat, or whatever? NEVER.

Hey, it's your choice what you do with your money. As for me my money is better spent on a nice vacation with my loved ones. Something they can remember after I am gone.

God Bless
Capt AL
Thank you Capt AL

Hi Capt AL,
Thank you for your remind, I really appreciate it.
I also think it is a great venture to go there for this risky procedure. I am afraid I won't think about it any more.
Again thank you.
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