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Feb 7, 2004
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Hello All, Do any of you know about stem cell treatment for als. Is it available here in Canada. Does it work at all? Every little bit of help is worth looking into. Of course there is always the cost to be considered. Hope this goes thru, it tells me my name is already registered. I know! I registered It!. Well here goes, keep safe all jane
thanks Carol D

Hi Carol, Thank you for the info re stem cells. Pretty much what I thought but it is good to hear from people in this situation. It is my sister who is suffering from ALS. Hands, arms, legs, and voice are affected, not severely, but visible and voice is soft. Of course much worse is to come. You are right about taking one step at a time. Also prayer is very helpful for me, but I realize not all people feel that way. I guess it is a case of what ever helps you through the night. I appreciate you kind and sincere words. thanks again Jane

P. S. She had her first fall on the weekend
Hello Jane:

The use of stem cells, especially embryonic stem cells, in regenerative applications, is still very hotly contested on moral grounds. This makes it very difficult to proceed at full steam. Some of the ALS web sites in the states can get very heated up over the issue.

Here, (in Canada) last year, there was a concerted effort put in place to try and influence our MP's to vote in favour of legislation that would allow the use of embyonic stem cells in medical research. The law passed the Lower House in October and has been sent to the Senate for approval. If it goes through there may be a surge in activity in the research community!

Keep the Faith... anything can happen!
Hello TBear
Thank you for the stem cell info, you're right anything can happen. Just have to have faith. Jane
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Hello all, Carol, I worked in long term care for several years, we would elevate feet, keep them warm and also some residents wore Job stockings to help circulation and also for those who had trouble with clotting. Hope you can find a solution for your Henry, perhaps this little bit of info will help. Fisher thanks for the good wishes. Johnny I have read the posts from you, you are definitely not a negative person, you only said what we all know, most of the things currently in the works will not be ready in time to help you, my sister, and all the others suffering from this disease. Hope it is all right to put all this in one post instead of separate ones. Keep well all Jane
... easy to be an optimist from this side of ALS. It must be a genetic thing because I'm still a Leafs Fan!

When we first talked with the neurologists they told us that 80% of what is known about ALS has been discovered in the last 10 years... That was 7 years ago... yes, I still think anything is possible.... and that goes double for anyone with a sense of humour

Carol... the flannel night gown story lets you off the hook for the shower... but only for awhile! I just got back from Thunder Bay... -6 feels like shirt sleeve weather!

John... I'm pretending I don't get the concrete joke... but I do have an uncle....

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by the way. We never did get the shower story Carol.carol. jellybeans? ?

Hello everyone
Since the subject of feet has come up I was wondering if anyone uses or tried those fancy vibrating water foot massagers?If so do they help in anyway in releaving discomfort or helping circulation in pals feet or are they just a waste of money ?
Thanks Jim
Just a thought. There used to be socks that you could get for skiing called "hot chilis". Since my wife and all three daughters seemed to get really cold feet when we were skiing... they used them. Her feet were rarely cold after that. On the other hand, usually when I came home from work, my wife would have our golden retreiver sprawled across her feet too.... Carol, you should try that... and the dog doesn't like hockey!

John, he was known as Uncle Biggie... but not to his face. My dad was a bricklayer too(he preferred stone mason). I have more than enough experience with mixing both mortar and concrete... most of which went into walls and fireplaces... as far as I know.

I learned to speak limited Italian on the job... most of which is not appropriate anywhere but on the job!

... I thought all women preferred flannel night gowns!

Take care!
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