State Looks Into Possible Middleboro ALS Cluster

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i live in new bedford and first felt symptoms in 04/05 was diagnosed in march 07,my mother passed in1990 of als, had not talked to father in 20 years so went to see him and he told me his brother[ who drove tractor trailer carrying insecticide] died of als in the 60s, dont know anyone else with this much family history,hope every day they find a cure
ALS In Middleborough

I am part of a committee in the town of Middleborough, MA that is trying to get the word out to people that may have lived in this town at one point that now lives with this disease. Years ago there were several manufacturers using chemicals along a two mile stretch of railroad tracks that we believe may link the two together. The companies that used to exist along the tracks used dyes for shoe making and other chemicals used in electroplating and foundries. Over the past few decades there have been an enormous (27) amount of people who have passed away from ALS and we believe this is more than a coincidence. There are also high levels of MS and Cancer along the same path where the town has several streams and drinking wells. We are starting to get national attention and a lot of studies have been done but we need more information to link the diseases together so maybe someday there will be a cure.

If anyone knows somebody who lived in the town of Middleborough or worked here from 1960-Today then we would like to know.

Here are some articles that appeared recently in several news groups:

Here’s one from the New York Times

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Curt Schilling has done everything that he promised since coming here and has brought so much attention to it. I think the time is now to strike at this disease. The registry will be of a great help towards getting a history behind the individuals afflicted by this disease and I hope that other diseases will be looked into because of our efforts.
Johnals – Your information may be crucial now that things are underway.
Rcharlton – People like you who support this effort make it worth it!
Wow. This is why we need a comprehensive ALS registry (and other diseases) track places where the odds seem greater. Are they looking at organophosphates?
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