Started with Vertigo - now 2 months later

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Dec 26, 2022
Learn about ALS
Hi all,

I'm full on in the panic spiral and would appreciate any input on others' experiences.

About two months ago I had a sudden, severe attack of vertigo. It's taken this long to recover from the lingering dizzy spells, but about a week after the initial episode, I noticed that my dinner fork seemed heavy in my left hand and my pinky and ring fingers felt...muffled.

Since then, I feel like I'm playing whack a mole with my body. The left hand has what feels like awful tendonitis across the top and the pinky shakes in certain positions. With a wrist brace and some CBD cream, it's all much better.

I've got soreness in both biceps, cramps in both shoulders that lasted for two days but went away, and now my right hand has a stiff, achy middle finger. Just in the last two days my right leg has felt strange and wobbly, like it's going to give out at any second.

I have PT exercises that I do for my legs (hip abduction) that I'm able to fully complete. I have symmetrical DTRs at 3+ that my PCP is unconcerned about.

My husband has watched me very, very carefully and attributes everything I'm experiencing to being terrified for the last two months after the vertigo, but somehow I've convinced myself that this is ALS.

I have been to PCP (same doc I've seen for 20 years). He feels a referral to a neuro is not necessary, says he's seen ALS twice in his career and this is nothing like it. Husband also had a coworker with it and says the same thing.

I've read the sticky post. I know I should trust my doc, and listen to my therapist. But I panic every time a new muscle hurts or a new finger gets achy.
Hello there-

Please have a read here: Read Before Posting

The link contains a lot of information and should provide some reassurance to you about the fact that vertigo has nothing to do with ALS. I know you've said you read it, but it doesn't seem like you've really taken in the full picture.

I also recommend you read here: COVID and Neurological Symptoms

As you will read, Covid, even a mild or non-symptomatic infection, can cause a whole variety of longer lasting issues. Your bout with vertigo sounds more like some sort of viral issue- Covid or something else.

It does sound like you are really struggling with anxiety about this. If your doctor's reassurance after assessment, the information above and your not actually reporting the pattern of symptoms that indicates a clear concern for ALS are not enough to reduce your fear, it might be time to find some way of addressing that anxiety while you work on your physical health with your doctor.

Take care
Thank you. I did read the COVID post as well. I never have been diagnosed with COVID (ENT specialist said labyrinthitis, 3 month recovery, and wouldn't you know it, I'm on Week 10 and no more dizzy) but it's certainly possible.

The concern that brought me here was the weakness in the fingers and the fact that it seems to be moving, and getting worse - started in the left hand, then the right hand, then the right leg. Typing is tough on a regular keyboard (I can do just fine on a phone). I keep finding big knots and sore places in my muscles.

I should have mentioned in my earlier post, but I wound up in the ER for the dizziness about six weeks ago and had a bunch of tests, all clear. MRI of brain and CT of head and neck, and labs labs labs.

I appreciate the note that this is not a pattern of symptoms consistent with ALS. I am already working with a therapist on the anxiety and panic issues. Thank you again for the reply.

"I have been to PCP (same doc I've seen for 20 years). He feels a referral to a neuro is not necessary, says he's seen
ALS twice in his career and this is nothing like it. Husband also had a coworker with it and says the same thing."

I highly doubt anyone here is going to disagree with them. You've got great advice just above.

Realize, trust and believe... the panic spiral will begin to evaporate soon.
Thank you. I unfortunately did far too much reading - and I REALLY dug in, like reading actual case studies and articles as opposed to just the summaries on Mayo or Cleveland's websites. Stupid Dr Google (and stupid journal access through my alma mater).

I posted here to see if the stiff and achy hands matched other experiences and if I should push my doc harder for a referral. But I hear the no, and I appreciate it. Thank you.
Please log off if you really do 'hear the no'. You posted this 3.5 hours ago, yet are still here trawling threads that will heighten your anxiety further.
We cannot help you. Please return to your doctor.
Dizziness, you have explained via the ENT.

Stiff/achy hands -- it's cold and dry out there. Use lotion.Wiggle your fingers. Reconsider your sleep setup.

As noted above, this is not a good place for you to be, so if you can't unconvince yourself that you have ALS, I would see a counselor to work it through.
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