staines and bruises

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Feb 1, 2008
I just want to ask you if the sudded emmergence of brown spots and bruises on or under the skin on the hands is the sign of muscular atrophia? In the context of numbness of hands at night, of fasciculations, and cold sensation, and also weakness in hands.
check out lyme disease, i forgot which of hte tick borne diseases does this, but, i would look into it

it's one of the tick borne diseases.

is it more like a rash that moves around?
Have you had a full panel of Hormone tests done yet? If not, look into this with a qualified endocrinologist as much neuropathy and muscle cramping could be due to low adrenal or thyroid can discoloration of the skin...
Atrophy looks different way - no spots but long, deeper "lines" and mainly lack of the muscle, of course. Damn, its terrible to write about this :(

Your troubles can be really caused by thyroid troubles since its function influences skin too.
Thanks for your answers. I will have a endocrinologic checking asap. I am wondering if what I am calling shiver in my back are not in fact fasciculations in my back muscles. I also have some wead sensations in all my body, like my flesh is pulsating and some sudden muscular spasm or twiches, but I can't describe well. The worst is when I am cold, I have a lot of frissons, and cold sensation crisis, I am almost trembling of cold. I will continue my chekings but I will fell better to find somewhere to have a muscular biopsia, bcs I have this fear...In my country they have some ancient methods of doing that, cutting 2 cm from the muscle. I understand that in other countries they have some special needles. I would prefer that. Who knows how is best to do that? I also have in view the posibility to have a good result and than I will remain with scarves...
Akka, cold sensations and oversensitivity on cold IS very, very typical for thyroid troubles or other metabolic disorders.

and FASCICULATIONS IN HEALTHY PERSONS CAN BE CAUSED BY COLD, the same withs shiver/tremor - its normal muscular reaction when your body tries to warm up using tremor of muscles. With metabolic, thyroid (or even some brain disorder) your temperature center can have wrong information or reaction - my girflfriend feels cold when there is 28 degrees of Celsius and Im dying of heat..doctors dont know whats wrong, probably something with blood circulation.
Anyway, you dont have to worry about ALS..
Blizna, thank you so much for your answer.
I will have tyroid tests this week.
In fact I am worried bcs of the fasciculations, tremor, shiver, cold, weakness, bruises on hands, and numbness in hands at night , and a generalised fatigue sensation, weakness in hands, and tremor sometimes when contracting some muscles, seemed to me to be similar with some als symptoms. How can I make the difference?
I had several EMG and they are all good.
But the interessting is that in my blood tests the lymfocites LY are a littele higher and also at the Immunogram, the IgG is higher. I should also check this out.
And the EEC, electroencephalogram, is showing a agitation of the brain, like no relaxation at all.
I wanted to ask someone who has als, if in the EEC or blood tests there is something modified. In fact, what is the most relevant test to indicate or exclude als? Is it the muscular biopsia? I thought to do it to be sure.

Thank you.
Akka, your sensations have nothing to do with ALS, fortunately :) Numbness etc are VERY rare.
Today, unfortunately, there isnt any test that can say "YOU HAVE ALS" or "YOU DONT HAVE ALS".

The most reliable is EMG (done after long enough period of time)on afflicted and even on yet not afflicted muscles. In ALS the finding is typicall - large motor units, signs of reinnervation (since with ALS your muscles are "disconnected" from damaged nerves but the body tries to repait them - reinnervate), positive sharp waves and polyphasic fasciculation potencitals. And of course fibrilations - "twitching" of muscle fibers that you cant see but those are bad signs.

Biopsy can also be very helpful since it can reveal damaged nerves and yet non visible muscle atrophy.

Remember, ALS is disease of weakness, everyone who start with different symptoms and is later diagnosed with ALS is very rare exception.

Fasciculations, even weakness and strange feelings can be caused also by:

M.gravis (very strong weakness with not many fascics)
Lyme disease
Multifocal motor neuropathies (sorry for spelling, I dont know english names)
Clamydial infection
Metabolic disorders
Autoimmune neuro diseases with loss of myeline
and MANY more..

but many of BFSers experience (except non stop twitching) numbness, pains n needles, percieved weakness...
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