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Jan 22, 2023
My PALS (who is my best friend) called me today totally distraught. He got an email that said SSA denied his application for SSDI.

Neither of us can figure out what happened, because as far as he knows he never even submitted it! He was working on it online but was not done. Maybe he hit “submit” by mistake. Still, it does not make sense that they denied it.

It’s rough when he gets in moods like this because he basically will just yell at me for 10, 15, 20 minutes - however long it take him to run out of steam. He is actually not yelling AT me - he is just venting his anger at SSA/the world/the damn disease etc in my presence. But it is still a bit hard to take. Yet I want to provide a sounding board for him. I know the past six months have been a nightmare for him (diagnosed in January), so I understand why he would be at his wit’s end.

I am ok, but just wanted to come here to vent to all of you in turn. :)

I finally talked him down, reminded him to contact his lawyer, urged him to also contact his representative in Congress (which he has done), and basically told him over and over that we will work this out and he will get his benefits. The irony is that I used to work for SSA so I know this stuff pretty well. And even I can’t understand how they screwed this up so badly.

Anyway my heart is breaking a little for him, so I wanted to check in. Thanks to you all for being there!
If I may add,,, tell him NOT to get his representative in Congress involved. It will only add
to the complicated bureaucracy. They have little influence in SSDI matters. But... he must
have the diagnostic code for ALS from an certified ALS neurologist before SSDI will
grant benefits. Hope he has that.

Maybe share with us (maybe again) who and what ALS facility confirmed his diagnosis.

Can't post on CALS sub-forum. Doing an end around if ok... Mods.
If he accidentally sent the application perhaps it was missing crucial information. Also are you sure he was denied ssDi? everyone gets screened for ssi even if you don’t ask and denial letters get sent even as they continue to process ssdi

can you review the application on the ssa site? ( I don’t know if you can) with your background you should be able to spot any problems

I am assuming you know he has enough recent work credits, (at least 5 out of last 10 years)that he is not working due to disability and has a documented diagnosis
' I just got my reply deleted. I don’t know how it happened but it had a lot of info on it. I need to go to bed. It’s 2:15am. Congrats on your 9 year from 1st symptoms. April 8 will be my 9th anniversary of my Dx. Looking back I could see signs about 1.5 years before, but we always attributed it to my SCI.

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