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Aug 11, 2007
Since the onset of my mouth symptoms i have noticed that when i speak i end up spitting while i talk.... which is not very ladylike. Has or is anyone experiencing this? Another thing is when i speak i mess up my words, like if i want to say The necklace is on top of my dresser it comes out, my necklace is off of the drawer..... I confuse people all the time, but in my head i am saying the right way..... I think that part is just apart of aging...........
Hello sammantha,
My mam has ALS. She has only been recently diagnosed but about about 2 years ago I noticed that she was spitting whilst talking (just a fine spray). It's only a guess but I think it was the start of her problems.
Hi, thank you for the response but i am sorry about your mom..... How is she doing now? How are you doing?
Hi Sam,
I'm ok (I think!:-D) It's been a tough year, my Dad died suddenly in Aug 07 and my mam came to live with us (me, hubby and 2 kids) as she can't care for herself. She has fronto temporal dementia with mnd so needs 24 hr care. The mnd has only just been diagnosed. Mam has mostly incoherent speech, is on a soft food diet (but will eat anything as soon as my back is turned:) She has a lot of neck spasms and this last fortnight is complaining of breathlessness when lying down. How are you doing Sam? Do you have a diagnosis, I know it can be a long process. Thanks for your message, Berni x
Hi Cariad. If you can get your mam to sleep on her side it may help her. When I first started with problems before my Bipap I found it made breathing easier. If she sleeps on her back or falls back during the night I have heard that sewing a tennis ball into the back of her pj's or nightie will make her roll back on to her side. Hope this helps. Take care.

Hi Cariad, i am not doing to well emotionally and physically but who is really? I have an appointment with my neurologist on July 25...... I have been so exhuasted lately that even a shower has been out of the question... God that sounds gross, especially since i used to be obsessive about cleaning and having "spaces." I can rate my progression by my left hand, it was the first to show symptoms and the first thing to slowly go, so i feel fortunate because i have had problems with it for two years now and still can use it. Hope all is well, Sammantha
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