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Mar 30, 2006
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Hello All,

I am still going through more extensive testing and go to the neurologist again today.
He has been talking about me having a spinal tap and was wondering if you could give me some insite into the need of this procedure. He is not very good at explaining and tries to evade some of my questions.

May 18th I am going to see a Dr. at Columbia Presbyterian who is supposed to be excellent! (Dr. Hiroshi Mitsumoto)

I do not write much on the forum because I'm afraid to post something incorrect, but I read all the time and I must say to YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT AND POSITIVE OUTLOOK.
You cannot believe how it made someone who was so afraid feel, not so alone and encouraged to move along.

I am really making a conscience effort to do more fun things with my life and yes after reading about the traveling have decided to take time off from work and travel around this summer.

With much thanks,
Hi Mimi,
Good for you! I am glad that you are going to do some travelling. Enjoy yourself!
As for posting here, I hesitate to do it sometimes, because I sometimes sound like an old school teacher, when everyone else sounds so friendly, but I decided to post anyway. As for mistakes, your opinion is a good as the next person's so post all you want. If you do make a mistake in facts, someone will pick up on it. We have some smart people here.
Glad you are aboard!
Hugs and prayers, Leah
The spinal tap or Lumbar Puncture is one of the tests they give to rule out other causes. If your fluid is cloudy then you could have an infection or some other disease that is causing your problems.
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