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May 1, 2007
My voice is fading fast. I'm in the process of evaluating software. So far I've looked at EZ-Keys, onscreenkeys, and skeleton key. How about some feedback from the forum on who is using what and what they think of it. I can still type, but I'd like to get a good one and stick with it because they're all pretty complicated.

Hi Pappy,

You may want to add Dynavox Speaking Software to your list. I use it and love it. It is very adaptable to your individual vocabulary/writing style.


Do a search on the main page using "voice" and "Speech Augmentation" as topics to search for. Peg
Right now I'm using Wiviik on screen keyboard and Dragger 32 mouse click program. Both work pretty well now. Checking out new programs next week at clinic because mouse hand is getting bad.
augmented speech

I have Bulbar onset. I was not diagnosed until Feb. Prior to that it was diagnosed as Bulbar Palsey. My speech was gone by November of last year. I did a lot of research on the Internet. I found many augmented speech devices like Dynavox. The problem is they were expensive found out Medicare and MDA would cover most of the cost.However, I was told by Social Security I would be looking at months before qualifying. I downloaded some software called E-triloquist. It is free. It does the job. I also purchased a system called Speaking Dynamics. Speaking Dynamics has more options for the user. It also would allow you to use switches if you loose the ability to type.Another one to consider is a program called Nextup talker. As Al mentioned, if the mouse hand becomes a problem, you will want options. Also, I now have a Dynavox on order. As mentioned in the previous post the Dynavox is very user friendly. Thanks to technology we PALS have many options for communication can't imagine dealing with this and not being able to communicate. Hope this helps.
Hello, my husband uses EZkeys- he has a pair of glasses the reads the movement in the white of his eye. He is completely paralysied and is on a ventilator.He was diagnosed. Jan.01,2005. I am now looking into Brain fingers-it is interesting it reads your thoughts.~Bobbie
Before you go there keep and eye on Silver Tongue. The software is free. You can purchase a good voice from NextUp.com or NeoSpeech.com for $50. It can function as a universal remote with a USB-UIRT and with a Way2Call modem it can be used on the phone.

It's not in the final form but it works and it's free. I'm working to make the prediction more accurate now.

Sorry guys but I figured if we were going to resurrect 3 year old threads I could throw a shout out in ;)
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Too bad humans can't mind read, or have mental telepathy. Sure would be easier! You don't think loosing your speech is a big deal until it happens to you! Its a real pain in the arse!
"You don't think loosing your speech is a big deal until it happens to you!"

Amen to that, bro!
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Folks this thread is three years old. Saubier (the thread originator) hasn't been on-line in two years. Still the new information is important and perhaps other members will find it of interest.
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