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Dec 28, 2007
I have a patient that was referred for hospice for supposed pls. She mostly has weakness and spasticity to one side (right). She cannot extend her right arm completely and has problems ambulating with the right foot. She has fallen 2-3 times in last couple of weeks. I am trying to determine if she is appropriate for hospice. She is very emotionally labile, still eating well. She does complain of pain, especially when she lies down at night. Does this make any sense? Thanks.
PLS is pure upper motor nuerons, spascity, stiffness,.
The life expectency is much longer than ALS If it does not turn into ALS.
Who referred her for hospice?
how old is she?
How long as she had PLS?
Is she taking any meds for the spascity?
Sorry to be asking so many questions.

I am not diagnosed, I have symtoms of ALS. I get alot of pain at night when I lay down also.
He doesn't make any sense that from her symtoms that she would need hospice, but I am not a dr.
She sounds like she is in better shape than me.

Is she using a cane or walker, spacity can be very painful and make you lose your balance and fall.
Thank you for the info. She has had PLS for appx 5-6 years and she is 66 yrs old. She has never received a definitive diagnosis. Her family referred her to hospice but she is nowhere near appropriate for hospice. I was mostly curious as to whether PLS affects the body bilaterally or on just one side. Some of the other things I noticed about her indicate she might have scleroderma.. Thanks.
Hi Kathy i would say get a diagnoses from a Doctor and if he or she wont then get another doctor . Im a PLS patient and my right side is yes just a tad worse . My geuss may be wrong but im thinking they are not around her or they cant deal with it so they want you to .I thaught Hospice was only toward the end ? Some seem to have it worse than others . Those of us that have other isssues like arthritis etc etc will have those symptoms along with PLS symptoms ,this is why it think we have so many that have different symptoms .My feelings on this like all health issues . The Domino effect when one thing goes ,seems like more come on . Mayo Clinic and others told me ,we dont know what you have but you'll problably wont die from it ,according to all diagnostics i should be a healthy guy aside from the usual . Geo
Hospices cannot admit to service patients whose doctors don't certify that in their best medical judgment the patient has 6 months or less to live. However if the patient has the good fortune to live longer than 6 months they can remain on hospice care as long as they continue to decline.

Hospice care isn't about dying, although it is caring for dying people. Hospice care is really about living, about making whatever time a person has left the best time it can be for the patient and family. Hospice staff can help with comfort care, resolving issues, making plans, and fulfilling dreams.

I really hope people stop looking at hospice as "giving up." Hospice workers are angles who can help us so much as we prepare to leave this world. I personally look forward to the day the doctor says he can certify me for hospice. Bring on the troops!
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