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Mar 24, 2005
Does anyone diagnosed with als live in the mississippi area or in meridian. i am a nursing student interested in having someone speak about their disease to a class of nursing students. please if you know anyone who could come down to my college ( meridian community college) and speak it would be amazing. sometime the school books just Doesn't justify what it feels to have this illness.

Funny you should mention that about nurses. my daughter is an rn and an advanced care paramedic and until i got als she didn't know much beyond the text books. i remember going to a small hospital in a neighbouring community when i was in the process of getting a second opinion. the one doctor thought i had multi focal motor neuropathy. i end up in the er with a pain problem due to some meds and i tell this resident about the mmn and he says yea that's a very rare and interesting disease. he says i never heard of it but i was just reading up on it. the trouble with this als thing is the doctors just don't see much of it and neither do the nurses. my gp had never had an als patient until me. neither had my neurologist that diagnosed me. i was his first als patient. this is in a town with over 300,000 people. not a small town. so i can agree with your frustration. but we have to keep our awareness up and educate them. we are having our kick off for our walk for als on wed. night and i plan on being there doing my part to make more people aware of us. get out there and make some noise. let em know who we are.
al are you and i the only ones up again if we dont watch it we could have a thing going, just teasing i love reading you input.
and you bet i'm going to make some noise i guess thats why they say this is the silent disease.
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Al, should i bring ear plugs tomorrow night? as you get out there and make some noise...?
just kidding....of course.
it is too silent, too unknown. one of the mentions in the letter to the high school was the fact that this disease is such, slightly over 3000 canadians diagnosed/living with it ,so awareness is essentiAl. i then stated that within a ten mile radios of the school, i knew of five people with Als. those are incredible stats if you parAllel them against the countries population as a whole! no awareness, no research.
let's hope wednesday has a record crowd.
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