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Sep 6, 2007
to those of you who responded about a feeding tube for Dad and everything else I asked about. I guess that at this point a tube is a moot point because Dad is adamant that he's not ready for one. He's living on potato soup but we can't force him to get one. In time . . .

I also told Mom about the Hoyer lift and it turns out that she had already looked at one and both she and Dad decided that she couldn't turn the crank to lift him. He's a big man and she's just a little ole' thing. However, one of the men that I work with told me yesterday that he has a small "cherry picker" that is hydraulic and folds down relatively small when not in use. I told Mom and I think we may get him to bring it to the house and show us how it works. That might be the answer to the prayer.

Also, one question . . . just one today! :-D The last time Daddy was in the hospital they gave us some sponges on a stick (looks like a little red sucker) for him to wet his mouth with. Sometimes when he drinks water, he chokes badly but when he uses these, he doesn't. In the middle of the night, these little sponge thingys are life savers . . . but he's out of them now. Can anyone tell me what they are called and where I can get them? Thanks! :)

Teresa, you are such an angel for taking such good care of your Dad. I bet every time you come up with an idea it puts a little smile on his face. My heart goes out to these Pals when they can no longer do the things they used to. I see them as heroes and heroines for putting up such a fight against this damn god forsaken disease! God bless you, and your family. Continue being the angel that you are, I am sure you are making your dad feel loved. Prayers your way, sweetie!

They use those things all the time at my Mom's nursing home. For the life of me I can't recall what they are called but will find out. I was using one just last night on her. I think they must sell them at any medical supply store. Also, can Dad tip his cin down when he swallows? If he is able to do this, it might help the liquid go down right. Just a thought...Cindy
To the best om recollection some of the Hoyer lifts are battery or electric. Might be worth another look.
Teresa, I think the item you are looking for is a 'Toothette Disposable Oral Swab'. Try looking it up on the 'Net or asking at any medical supply company.

Have you tried giving your dad something that is thicker in texture than water when he needs a drink? Ensure with some frozen fruit blended into it (I use frozen mango) comes out nice and thick. Or jello?
Water, even if it is cold, is the most difficult thing to swallow since it doesn't have any texture or taste.
I realise at night when you dad is not sitting up and it is not safe to give him anything by mouth, the oral swabs will be a big help.

Have you checked out the Voyager lift? Lots of posts & good comments about it here!
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