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Crooked Creek

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May 14, 2007
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Anyone have a good cushion suggestion for my posterior region? Now that my muscle has gone back there, I really can relate to the sit bones they talked about in Yoga! Even in the transport chair, it was a pain. Hopefully this will be a more light hearted discussion than normal - let me know what works.


My husband rode with a friend to Minnesota this past week and he took down filled pillow to sit on during the ride. He has reported that it worked wonderfully and his hiney was not in pain. I think this may have been discussed on the forum already, but I don't know what to search under- hiney, butt, cushion, seat? I'm sure someone else can help with this question.
I had a gel cushion on my manual wheelchair and I used to take it off and put it in my favourite chair and it worked pretty well. I think you can get them from Shoppers Home Care at Queen and Kennedy. They may have other options like that memory foam as well. I think the Roho cushion on my power chair is the best though. It has little finger like pockets of air that are adjustable and I think they make one for lazy boy chairs but like most things for us they are not cheap. Hope this brings you some comfort.
I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, but maybe I'll just thank you from my bottom....

Feeling much better today - had a very emotional day yesterday - my brother and sister were visiting from away and I had premonitions that it was the last time. Terrible things I can do to my self so when I can come up with corny jokes like this, it really helps - hang in there everyone.
I know how you feel. My son, daughter in law and granddaughter are coming in from the Philippines for 12 days on Thurs. night. Who knows when they'll be back or who'll be here to see them. Depressing thoughts but it is so good to see them you just have to try to stay positive. Might not be on much but you never know.
Hi CC,

I really like my Roho cushion. It's an inflatable one that takes the pressure off any sore points. The only problem is that they are so darned expensive!

My insurance covers the cost and there are government (provincial) programs that can cover the cost.
Might be worth looking into!

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