Somewhere South of Cuba

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Nice painting, Quad!

wow, exquisite! you are quite gifted :)
Thanks for sharing

this is very cool - neat hobby!

Hi Mike You are Amazing what a wonderful gift you have. Pat
wow i am blown away they are tottally breathtaking...i am not much usually for abstract but was particularly drawn to the on called'' CONTENT" what a gifted person you are ...thanks for sharing i love to draw and paint with oils but boy compared to what you can do i feel like an amatuer....keep it up you are such and inspiration!Gina
your art work never ceases to amaze me.
Another good point for quality of life. Who says there is none on a vent. I'd say that displays a darn fine quality of life. Excellent Mike.
Hi Mike,
Absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing man! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Pam B in Va
What an inspiration to all


You never cease to amaze me. Not only is Mike no stranger to me and my family, since I have spoken so highly of him, but he such a compassionate person with knowledge to share, as well as, his pictures. Much talent....

Thanks for sharing and being you, Mike.

God Bless you and the family,
Sorry meant "intent"got it wrong.....luv the name and it so expresses the feeling of intent.....i guess i am one of those people who just gets a feeling from a painting or a room or miscomunication of a friend it is all about "intent"it makes me feel that way!Gina thanks! for the intent
Thank you for all your positive comments. Don't forget, if you find a painting you really like, and decide to purchase it, every penny (75 USD) goes to the ALS Association. :-D

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