Soma Vineyards Painting

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It is just beautiful You are soooooo gifted Pat
I'm always amazed by your talent, Mike.
Magnificent work Mike. What a wonderful piece for your mother! Did you have this started before your last piece or did you work on it night and day? Anyway, thanks for sharing its beauty. Leslie
Hi Leslie,

No, I usually don't start another painting until I finish the one I am working on. Single focus, I think it is a guy thing.

HI mike

Hi Mike, As usual a beautiful work of art! How long did this one take you? My Best to you ,Beebe
Nice stuff buddy.
You're right Mike, I usually have 1,2 or even 3 projects going. Even though I swear I won't start one until the other is completed! I need to take your mindset! Leslie
mike great work it looks alot like a painting i have by jennie tomao bogey
Very cool, Mike. I didn't realize there were applications for digital art in home decorating. That could make a pretty good home-based business for somebody.

Hi Beebe,

I think I have about 100 hours into this one.


Mike, what a beautiful piece of artwork. I wish it looked like that outside my windows . Instead of 6 inches of snow! Terry
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