Socks for his feet?

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Dec 26, 2007
British Columbia
Hi does anyone know what kinda socks to buy for a foot thats really stiff and wearing regular socks is getting very difficult to put on and off?:confused:If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appercaiate some feed back thank you so much!

Hi Cheri, not sure exactly what your condition is, but for around the house if I am not wearing shoes or going out I wear a thick boot hunting sock. These are normally rather large and not constricting. Harder to get on , but come right off{ I use my cane to help removal}
thanks keith

Hey keith thanks for the feed back my husband has ALS and his foot doesnt work anymore he has no movement in his right foot,it seems to be working its way up the leg now and it seems to be moving so fast:cry: His leg muscle on the right side is almost all gone its really small in comparison to the left leg,its so devastaing! God Bless you keith!

My husband wears a lined slipper with velcrove closing, they keep Gary's feet warm plus you can adjust how tight you make them around the leg. They go up his leg about 8 inches so keeps his feet quite warm easy to put on etc. Before the slippers I use to buy diabetic socks as they where much looser on the feet area and the leg area, so they did not cut into his legs.
Hope this helped.

thank you ontario caregiver,this has given us another option so yea that does help..I apprecieate the the feed back,god bless you.
Hugs Cherie
I just happen to have read in the MDA guide:

Tube socks (socks without heels that stretch to fit the foot) are easy for a child or adult to put on. Socks with a little Orlon in them are also a little easier to put on for winter wear than socks made of 100 percent wool."
Tube socks do not have a seam that runs across the toes... this is a good thing! Slippers work well... we have spa slippers for my mum... they have a zip portion to the sole that allows a heat pack to be placed into them.

Thank you all for the suggestions I am going try them all...
you're very welcome. let us know what works.

btw, the "MDA Guide" in which I mentioned seeing the "Orlon & tube" suggestion is their "101 Hints" booklet. they also had an (unrelated) suggestion about fastening a nail clipper to a board--I'd like to find a way to clip my own nails, maybe this is it...
Happy New Year Everyone.. Hope Everyone had the best one that they could..

About the socks.. I got mom into wearing fuzzy socks..and woolen leg warmers... Helps her alot.. Got the socks at a dollar store..:-?

I went to walmart and bought some of those really thick socks they really help him to keep his feet warm..He sleeps with them on becuase when his feet get cold they seem to cramp more..I have been getting my husband to soak in a hot bath with epsome salts and peppermint oil it also helps with his muscle aches...
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