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Jun 14, 2007
i am curently still able to work but i know that perety soon i will be unable to
i am going to have to go on disability and am trying to get a time frame on how long it has taken others between when i canot work and when i will get finacial & medical help has any body ben through this. i also need to know how is the best way to go about this
any info on social security would be helpfull
thanks brent
Hi Brent

Hi there, Once diagnosed with ALS you are automatically approved for Social Security. Once you apply there is a maximum of 6 months wait to receive your income. There are quite a few post about SS and Benefits if you type in SSDisability in the search area. My Best to you, Beebe
S. S.

By the time I started having symptoms I was no longer working. But there is a 5 month waitng period from the time you become disabled. On mine they went back to when my primary care doctor said I had the 1st symptoms, so it only took 4 months to get it approved. I am pretty sure they will consider you disabled from the time you are no longer working.

Good Luck
I would do it asap. I applied before I left my job. I gave them my retirement date and I had a 5 month waiting period from that date. I have heard of some people getting it after 2 months if you have ALS. I probably could have but I didn't push the issue because I had a short term disability that helped us get through the waiting period. You will need to take medicare part b. It will help with purchases of equipment. I applied on line and it wasn't to bad. Good Luck with it. Rhonda
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