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Jul 24, 2006
New York City
looking back, this has been a very emotional year for my family... as my aunt was diagnosed with ALS in july '06. i just got off the phone with her and while her speech is not great and getting worse (slowly, thank god)... her spirit is top notch. she's doing everything she can to fight the good fight. i don't know how you all feel about holistic healers but my aunt (who is EXTREMELY skeptical) has been seeing one and the supplement and minerals she's been taking don't just taste really bad, they've also improved some of her readings on metalic levels etc. in her body! so if you're open to the idea, i don't see how it can hurt to get a team of nutritionist, holistic healer, accupuncturist and even a therapist to talk to... all on your side. they've helped my aunt to have hope and to feel like she's doing something when the docs all say you can't do anything. anyway, just sharing. i know a lot of people say it's bullshit and a waste of money. i just can't accept the fact that anything that makes my aunt feel empowered and hopeful is a waste of money. if so... so be it. and the fact is, she's not progressing as fast as she was in the beginning and she's feeling mentally better than ever. makes me happy.

well, i hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and looking forward to a cure for ALS in 2007. :)

thanks al - for keeping this site going so strongly. you do an amazing job. not sure if you truely know how many lives you touch and how many nerves you calm everyday. god bless.
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