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Apr 7, 2007
When is the ALS snowmobile ride? are there more than one? we live in the middle of WI. but go to the Twin cities occasionally and my PALS friend's kids live there.
I had joined the forum last year and heard about this kind of event- we have an ALSA team to sposor my friend : Johnny Walkers And he Loves to snowmobile... I know he hopes to go out and ride yeat this year.... anyway, Our team took 2nd place for "the walk" and If there is a snowmobile fund raiser ride, I'd like to know more - don't seem to see anything on th d'feet ALS site...
Anyone know anything about snowmobile fundraising for ALS?
Dear swmn,

I checked the Minnesota ALS site and found some info about it. Here's the address:

Which walk did you participate in? We were at the Minneapolis one around Lake Harriet. Nasty weather and not knowing how Kathy's powerchair would tolerate rain made us choose to go have lunch as a team instead of walking.

I hope you are able to do the snowmobile ride!

Thanks for sharing

Hi marciaA -
Yes we were there too - really bad weather - but got done just B4 the rain hit - my 2 kids 5 yr.s & 8yr.s walked the whole way with us - they each raised $600+
We are the Johnny walkers - what team were you? We were worried we would get 1/2 way around and rain would hit- thenmy kids would flip out... thank god we made it..... It was a lot of fun -
Hey thanks for the info I would like my PALS team to have the opportunity to do this ride - my PALS friend LOVES snowmobiling and he hopes to get a little bit of riding in - this would be a great way to do it. thanks for the help - I coontacted them and we still can squeeze in!
We are Kathy's Circle. We didn't raise as much money this year as we did last year, but anything is good, right?

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