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Mar 18, 2007
Hi Guys,,,,,,what Is Going On. One Day My Speech Is Halfway Decent And The Next I Can Hardly Get The Words Out Of My Mouth. I Find It Is Much Clearer If I Turn The Volume Up And I Speak More Forcefully. But This Can Get Embarrassing. Have Any Of You Had This Problem. Does Fatigue And Stress Make The Slurring Worse? I Heard My Voice On An Answering Machine And You Would Swear I Had Fallen Off A Barstool. Grateful For Any Input.
Hey longsam2. I've had a couple of friends with bulbar symptoms and when they were tired or fatigued the speech got worse. This happens with most functions with anyone with ALS whether with limb onset or bulbar.
I, too, find it most embarassing when my words start to slurr. Patricia had some great advice-she tells people she is having some neurological problems and that both clears things up and pre-disposes folks to be more patient with her. Cindy
Dear longsam I have slurred speech since 99 I now tell people ahead of time I am not drunk I have aa speech problem bear with me , you will see they become so patient and kind . Yes I am worse some days more then others I find stress and fatique are the culprits You sound better if you shout because you are using the air in your lung to force out the words But I find if I speak slowly and dont shout I can last longer.And always carry a card with your name address ss#and phone # so if your in a stressful situation you can show the card.also if you are driving have your md give you a note you can show the police incase you gat stopped I was in a auto acccident and was almost charged with DWI because of my speech. And invest in a braclet that says ALS SLURRED SPEECH it is very helpful Take care Pat
Thanks Al, Cindy and Pat for your input and advice. I think I will invest in one of those bracelets and I will try to speak more slowly and try to articulate better. I'm learning thanks to you wonderful people. God Bless. Sharon
my question about bublar onset is this i have garbled speech all the time now but my reflexes are all normal could you have normal reflexes and still have bublar onset?
Hi Zac- when you go to the doctor on monday will you ask him or her this guestion? I would be interested in the answer! Cindy
Hi I have bulbar onset for 8 years and only have arm involvement 1 year Pat
i will ask him cindy.
Hi guys,
Zac and Cindy-I've met quite a few PALS with bulbar onset who had no noticeable problems other than speech and some swallowing issues. The ones I knew stayed that way for quite a long time.

Longsam-On days that my voice isn't working well, I carry a few business cards with common phrases, in my wallet. You can buy the blank cards at Staples or wherever, then type your sentences and print.

The most common one I use is "I have ALS, a neurological disease, which affects my voice. Please bear with me."
Also things like "Could you show me where the washroom is, please?"
and if I get in trouble "I have ALS, a neurological disease. Please contact my wife, Linda, at xxx-xxxx and tell her where I am."
Oh! Can't forget "I'll have an extra large double-double, please." (Canucks will get that!):-D

Thanks Mike for the business card idea....seems like a lot of my common sense has flown out the window since this disease came calling. Every little bit helps. Bless you.
I agree. Good idea, Mike. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! Cindy
Hey Guys,

I have also noticed tiering while speaking, like loosing the last words of a long sentence;
What is weird is that I only feel it once I am speaking my native language.
But when I am talking and laughing it is worse, my speech become heavy and unclear so usually I wait and tell people that I need to regulate my head ;)
Hi Omar

Hi Omar,

This made me laugh. I think we Americans get it too. Thanks, Peg

Can't forget "I'll have an extra large double-double, please." (Canucks will get that!)
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