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Sep 3, 2004
Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone is taking anything to help them sleep at night. My dad was having a great deal of trouble sleeping. He says that his mind is racing all night long. The doctor prescribed a sleeping pill for him. As soon as he began taking it he became very agitated and wasn't able to sleep at all. The doctor then changed him to a different pill. He didn't become agitated with this one but he still can't sleep. Do any of you take some sort of medication or natural aid to help with sleep? I can't tell you off hand the names of the drugs they tried just that they were starting him on low doses.
My dad has also started coughing an awful lot. He never seems to be able to clear his throat. I saw mention here about some type of suction device. Does anyone know anything about this? He had a breathing test done about 6 weeks ago and was told he was doing ok. They let him know though that a bipap machine would eventually be needed. Could all of his coughing be helped by a bipap?
It has been 14 months since he was diagnosed with ALS. He has gone from slurred speech (at that time) to no speech. From being totally active to using a walker - which is becoming increasingly difficult for him as his legs constantly give out on him and one arm is virtually useless and the other is deteriorating daily. He has a feeding tube and about the only thing that he takes orally are his meds with a bit of yogourt.
If anyone has any suggestions or can offer any ideas they would be more than welcome. This is so frustrating to deal with as it seems that once you get over one hurdle another one is blocking the path.
By the looks of it (with 30 users on line at 5am atlantic time) lots of people are having trouble sleeping. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
Hi Bear,
For sleep, I sometimes take Melatonin. I take one an hour before bed, it doesn't make you groggy or dopey just a little tired. I have a good nights sleep and in the morning I feel pretty good!
I've taken sleeping pills and I HATE the way they make me feel. Jittery, cold and very weak.

For the racing mind, can I suggest your Dad look into meditation? I don't want to sound like a new age fluffball, but I've been meditating for a couple of years now and the results have been very positive.
I'm calmer, more centered and can see things as they are in the present moment. Before, my mind was racing to the future ("what's my family going to do?" etc), or it would dwell in the past pre-ALS.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Cheers and goodluck to you and your Dad!
Hey you new age fluffball, !

Meditiation is wonderful. Henry used that tool to calm himself and to get through some of his rough days. It really helped him. However, I did not ever think to call him new age fluffball, ha.... it probably would have made him laugh like crazy.. gotta love ya..

Hey Mike27,

Somedays I think being a New Age Fluffball might be a pretty good thing... Thanks for the suggestion on Melatonin. It will be worth trying as he is quite miserable he is so tired. I'll let you know how he makes out. Thanks for your time,
I find 2 mg of Ativan before bed helps. It is an anti anxiety drug and I haven't noticed any side effects. You don't have to take it every night just when you are a bit edgy.
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