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Nov 11, 2003
Dear carol,
the suggestion on giving henry gravol for sleep is a good one but just buy the generic travel tabs(50mg) there in no point taking the 8 hour capsules he may sleep for awhile but then he will be just really groggy and maybe not very lucid. the gravol may help the nausea but there is a drug that most cancer patient go on for nausea and its called stemetil. i'm surprised the dr didn't recomend it. also using the gravol through iv or syringe would even be more effective and you can get this through rx also. just a little bit of info hope this helps. it might help your migranes too have you tried zomig or maxalt where as soon as you feel one coming on you just put the wafer on your tongue and it melts and gets into your system quickly. sounds like the imitrex didnt work.oh and getting those cold compresses with the menthol in them help too. homeopathethic feverfew.
love kim
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