Skydiving in Honor and Memory of...

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Feb 19, 2010

I have organized a Skydive for ALS in Cedartown, Georgia tomorrow. We are raising money for ALS TDI. I am making handmade shirts for everyone who is jumping to wear. If you would like to be honored or have a loved one that you would like us to jump in honor or memory of, I would like to add their name to the tshirts. I know they are not professionally done and I do have a lack of talent when it comes to these things but would still love to remember those battling tomorrow.

If you would like to include your loved one or yourself please reply with the name and your relation. Just know I love each and every one of you and fighting for you daily. You guys have helped and inspired me so much over the last year. Thank you for bringing me back to life with you courage and strength.

Kelly, we havent met, but i wanted to tell you that i think what you are doing is just amazing! i wish i could join you on the jump.
Its really nice that you would do this for so many PALS. Good luck on the jump and let us know how it goes!
Have fun kiddo be safe =)
Hey, could I visit with you re: how you set this up, etc? I have been approached by some friends of hubby who would like to do this as well. I know absolutely nothing about any of the skydiving stuff but am so grateful for you all that are making all these wonderful things happen.
Kelly...your the bomb! Thank you!
So Phil, when you said that Kelly was the bomb did you say that because she had just fallen from an airplane? :lol::lol:

We love you too Kelly! Thanks for doing this for us.
Haha... we had a good time. We ended up jumping 44 people for the event. Hopeful Warrior I would be so interested in helping you set one up. We are starting the skydiving back up in March of next year due to the winter making it too cold. Please message me I'd be willing to fly whereever you guys would want to host it and help. Its so fun and a great way to raise funding and awareness. We cooked hot dogs and gave out candy and had dogs and kids running wild and I got to visit with a great PAL and his wife and he let me ask tons of questions about the stem cell trial he is in at Emory.

Phil and guys are a mess. Love yall...Dirty Fibber out :)
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