skin rash and blisters

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Feb 28, 2005
I'm new to this, so please forgive me if i do something incorrectly.

my father has als and is now in the hospital. he had a slight case of pneumonia and has recovered from that. he is still in because he is going to have to be on the vent full time now.

he has had a rash since he went in on jan 9 and he has delveloped blisters on his ankles over the last 2 weeks. a dermotologist has said that both are from his als.

i am just looking for anyone who might know of similar rash and/or blisters.

Hi sHaron

i've never Heard of skin rasH as a result of als.... but i could be wrong. more likely it's skin breadown due to friction (bed sores). wHile tHe reason tHat your dad is in bed is because of tHe als, tHe rasH may be preventable or at least minimized by moving Him from time to time.

good luck

Thanks for your reply. we had not heard of anything like this either. the dr. said it was specifically due to "immune system breakdown in the nerve endings". we thought it sounded wierd. we have requested a second opinion. i would appreciate it if you would let me know if you hear anything on this. sharon
(lots of sarcasm here)

sounds like some doctor may hafta hit the www and read up on als...

being specifically due to "immune system breakdown in the nerve endings". does sound weird. i've never read/heard anything of the sort (where als is concerned).

bedsores sounds more likely or a heat rash maybe.
Hi sHaron,

welcome. glad you found us. Henry Has skin breakdown on His ankles as well. not really a rasH, but red and swollen. we use gel pads, you can get tHem at tHe Hospital, just ask. we do move His legs around tHe bed alot, and we put pillows under His feet to elevate tHem so tHey do not rub on tHe sHeets or bedding. any sort of liquid skin spray can also be Helpful, but i Have found tHat our own metHod works really well. good luck to you and your family. we Have found tHat you really Have to experiment and try different tHings to allieviate skin breakdown. it could be tHat He Has a rasH due to tHe bedding itself, maybe tHe detergent tHey use at tHe Hospital. dur to tHe fact tHat tHe immune system itself is so weak, His defences against tHe smallest of tHings will cause irritation. just a tHougHt. anyway, good luck and welcome. we will be Here for you during tHis difficult time. Have a good nigHt.

stay strong and god bless...

love, carol
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